Hey blizzard, can you hear us? (then answer.)


NO. I want to strategize. I want to use all the other rolls and experiment with compositions. I want to combo alts… I want to play the game as they do in high levels of play. SOLO QUE is for the head clickers. It’s for DEATH MATCHERS. Okay…you don’t want to group up…cool. And I feel…IN A TEAM GAME…you should be crushed… You should have a more difficult time. The matches should surely still have EVEN SR… but the advantage should go to the people who play as a team in a TEAM GAME!!!


Then do it! The only downside is you face teams of people doing the same thing as you. That’s more “high level play” anyway!

Look, it would make the game unplayable for solos. And solos are most of the playerbase. This would kill the game dead.

And what you want is unsportsmanlike. You want your opponents to be disadvantaged to you. It’s not a good look.

Seriously, group or lose is why I totally quit Destiny 2 pvp, particularly gambit. You couldn’t win if you didn’t stack, you almost couldn’t lose if you did. And that was with people I actually liked… I just didn’t have the time to wrangle teammates every time I wanted a quick round. It meant every session was a multi hour commitment where you got nothing done that day.


I disagree with you. I feel you are speaking for people, by saying you would all abandon the game. Tell me? Why don’t you want to group up? Why don’t you want to play with a team you can communicate with?

I do think it’s great to play against other stacks…It is hard…some groups are amazing… I don’t think my SR should always be punished for having faced a superior group… I believe I should be able to punish solo quer’s SR for possible not communicating with their team…and or possibly throwing…

Side Note: I would like to know…what is the % of a 6 or 5 stack throwing the game? In comparison to a solo QUEr?

  1. I don’t have time. It takes time to wrangle a real team and get them all grouped up and into a game, and then you want to play for hours to maximize your investment. I don’t usually want to commit to 3+ hour playtimes.
  2. It homogenizes the game. Yesterday I played as Ashe, Ana, Hanzo, Lucio, Brigitte, Orisa, Hammond, and Sombra. There is no way I would have done that on a team, it would have just been Ana every time.
  3. There is always “that guy” who wants to play something he is bad at or is just a nonviable hero. I don’t want to be stapled to “that guy”. I used to play with friends more and one of them decided he wanted to be a silver Widow and Sombra main… it was just impossible to win games.
  4. It gets you places you shouldn’t be. If you group, you can be carried. You can get your SR to places where you don’t belong and then lose horribly when you stop grouping or find a new group.
  5. I don’t always want to communicate or wear a headset. Families hate the headset.
  6. You can’t play in a stack and run off for 5 minutes to go do laundry, etc.
  7. Stacking breaks the matchmaker and gets you more hilarious stomps and really weird matches where you have like 5 golds against 3 silvers, a bronze, and a masters player.


Dev Tracker <- click this one
Blizz Tracker <- this one as well

  1. Don’t have time… What? You are playing…you are using your time… If you stack up with some people you like, if that’s 3 or 6 people… You should not be worried about always having to face a stacked team. You should be able to play all solo QUErs with = SR.

  2. You can pick a position where there are 3-6 options for characters… or play SOLO QUE and do as you were doing. I’m not saying you would not face other teams with solo QUErs…But you should have to face stacks!

  3. okay…so don’t play with this friend… what is this point even? PLAY WITH PEOPLE YOU CAN GET WINS WITH…

  4. THIS IS ABSURD. YOU WIN AS A TEAM, sure some teams have more talented players…but you WIN AS A TEAM!!!. YOU CAN BE CARRIED IN SOLO QUE and in TEAM PLAY.

  5. So go play QP. lol idk. use type. You don’t need a headset to communicate.

  6. yeah…okay… what?

  7. NO. That’s actually not possible…there are rules to SR a bronze cannot group up with a MASTER in COMP. The SR grouping rules…make it possible so no que can start with people not within the acceptable amount skill level points.

COMP IS FOR PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT THEIR SR… that’s why it is more difficult… cause people play to WIN. The game is structured to benefit those who play as a team. It is why there is a support class…a tank class. Honestly… as old and cliche as it sounds… play another mode or communicate with your team.


What are we all going on about? This is too much to read. I guess I don’t care but the little amount it took to write this. Obviuosly I would never read all of this…


I’ve climbed SR without using VC. So, you personally don’t need it. An Imaginary and Non-Important Number called SR doesn’t mean anything. I just treat Competitive as only an fun game mode. No one will know and really can’t stop me either.


@justkiilmepl…why even reply then… get out of here.

@positive…That’s actually not true. The higher you go the more communication is necessary. The more positioning is keen and the more understanding of the game is found. People with a pretty good understanding of the game can be hard stuck in lower ranks. SR does mean something… If you want to have fun and don’t care about SR then go play QP.

  1. It takes time to find a team. Needing to do it locks out shorter sessions. I can have good games as a solo in 45 min. I couldn’t have good games as a group, and then I’d be a jerk for leaving so early in.
  2. Still, judging by my playtime, I would be stuck in support. So I would probably be playing Ana 24/7 or maybe Zenyatta and Lucio. No Ashe for me.
  3. There is always “that guy”. Better teams simply have higher standards.
  4. You won’t be consistently carried as a solo. You can on a static team. SR is individually based, so it can be out of whack for you if you only play with static teams.
  5. Hah, yeah, get in a comp lfg and dont join voice. Tell me how that goes. Also, do you think teams of soloes don’t communicate? Most solo comp players are in voice.
  6. Your group will generally expect you to play consistently. If you have to get up from the game frequently, grouping doesn’t work.
  7. This is more of an issue in QP where you get really absurd games but it affects comp on a smaller level.
    I am almost entirely a QP player so that’s mostly what I’m concerned about.


A lot silver/gold complaib about balance but they also dont do anythint to improve


The community forums are primarily intended for the community to share ideas, strategies, and creativity with each other. Its a place to meet new friends. Its also a place to report game bugs or seek technical assistance with things like disconnections. Yes the devs participate on the forums, but that is not the primary function of it.

The Overwatch Development team is VERY aware of the state of Competitive Play. A good source of information is the interview between Emongg and Game Director Jeff Kaplan from a little over a month ago.

I play in Gold myself and I know what you mean, realistically, if you want to climb you MUST carry your team. I know this from experience.

Depends on the rank, when I fell to Bronze in season 3, I played Pharah a lot to get out and demonlished them. Bronze players severely lack game awareness skills and this is something they need to learn on their own, the game can’t change it for them.

What will force them?

The perception of players deliberately throwing games to play in lower ranks is real but I don’t see it as a nearly an evident problem as player pretend that it is. Yeah there are a lot of “alternate accounts” but I see little evidence of smurfing in my games. Are some games one-sided? Hell yes, but like many team-based games, Overwatch can snowball easily. Principal Designer Scott Mercer has specifically said:

Source: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20753625906#post-13

If you see a player throwing in your games, report them for gameplay sabotage using the in-game report tool. Be sure to provide a detailed description of the violation.

If you see a player being abusive in voice or text comms, report them for Abusive Chat using the in-game report tool. Be sure to provide a detailed description of the violation.

This is not for you to worry about, Blizzard does ban players across multiple accounts associated with an account that repeatedly violates the Blizzard Code-of-Conduct. Players do not get to see specific details of report actions to other accounts because this results in harassment and toxicity in communities such as these forums.

The Overwatch Team is considering on reworking the Competitive Ruleset to enforce a standard 2 Damage/2 Tank/2 Support restricted ruleset, though this is not confirmed yet. If they do, the skill rating system would be role-specific and separated among the three roles. Right now the rating system represents how well you represent yourself as a player entirely and your adaptability to any team situation.

There are a lot of specfics available if you have been paying attention.

They have.

When it’s ready.

When its ready.

They are.

Sorry, but it doesn’t work like this. For example, they are working on a third social feature which they hoped to have ready by end of summer 2018, but they realized it will require a lot more work and have postponed it to sometime later in 2019. Blizzard doesn’t like to roadmap or give timetables, because they don’t want to upset impatient players (such as yourself).

Despite what you think, I firmly believe the game is in a relatively healthy spot. I rarely have toxic games in my competitive matches (and I have the realistic expectation that when I play with stragners there will always be the possibility of playing such toxic individuals). We have the Looking-for-group tool when we want a little more organization in our games (yes it works!).

You appear to be new here Kimmy, the forums uses a feature called the Dev Tracker and Blizz Tracker to see all official responses from Community Managers (blue posts) and the Development Team (orange posts). Also a third-party website, overstalk.io, is great for tracking official posts on all forums of social media including these forums and reddit. If that is not enough, I myself maintain a directory of all developer responses for players to easily look up valuable informaton.

Please do not start tech support web tickets for matters like this. That system is strictly intended for players who are having issues with their specific account or running the game on their systems.

Participating in team comms is recommended, but is never required. I try to participate in team comms as long as the communication is healthy, however, if there is too much harassment I will leave it knowing at that point that is the better option for me to concentrate and win the match with.


TBH, I would prefer if they tried to call me on the phone or at least attempted to contact me on Skype or Discord, or at least talk to me face-to-face at my apartment.

Well, that might be asking a lot, but I do recall one time challenging someone who purported to be the daughter of a professional wrestler wanting me to be a manager of a group of professional wrestlers. I challenged that person to show up at my door at home.

Never happened, as I suspected would be the outcome. I know when people are lying to me. I eventually gave up on that dream. it was never going to happen anyway…

….just as I will never believe that the developers actually have my interest at heart. They have to prove it to me first before I believe it. just consider me as an example of the parable of St. Thomas the Doubter: “Unless I see the nail prints in his hands and can put my hand in the wound in his side, I will not believe.” It’s hard to believe a lot of the universe exists without first-hand experience, though some second-had experience from others can sometimes be believed. Just don’t expect me to be a lemming.

  1. It does…yes…but what is your point? ALL I’M SAYING IS…IF YOU HAVE A TEAM, YOU SHOULD NOT BE PUNISHED FOR GETTING ONE TOGETHER. By punished…I mean it is not fair to have to face the possibility of going up against superior teams all the time. GROUPS SHOULD BE ABLE TO FACE ALL TEAMS, NOT JUST STACKS.

  2. That’s your choice. Play some QP. Log some hours on DPS…prove your stats to your team…and play DPS. TRAIN.

3 and 4… I don’t see a problem in one player…who is the “worst” on his team to learn and take pointers from their team. Eventually, if they were truly so hardly carried…that team would probably get rid of them if they were NEVER DOING THEIR JOB.

  1. ? Yes…I play solo que all the time… and it is mostly the support roles who are on mic…and the DPS roles…who are the AH off.

  2. Let’s just end this discussion…it’s so niche… and just get more patient teammates…I’m sure if you were winning with each other…they would wait.

7… uhhhhhh wow…this discussion is about COMP and people who care about their SR.


I mean, you’re not even at a disadvantage facing stacks as a stack. You have the same advantage they do. It’s an even playing field.

That’s why I don’t really understand why you don’t want to face stacks. You have a stack too, it’s fair. What’s the problem?

And I do care about comp too… if I had to stack to get a balanced game I would never, ever play it.

  1. I think a more direct line of communication and action should be considered by OW and Blizzard. There should be tickets and a response to each inquiry. We, as players, can put a lot of time into this game…and we deserve to be heard.

  2. I heard that interview…okay. BUT CONFIRM WHAT YOU ARE SAYING…so you are expecting for something to be fixed in the summer… we don’t want to hear possibilities…we want to hear that YOU ARE GOING TO CHANGE IT.

  3. Ok…good you hear us.

  4. Why is this…why must we carry? This is basically saying…be selfish in a TEAM GAME

  5. I don’t get what you are trying to say here… and it does not answer my question or feeling… STACKED PLAYERS SHOULD BE ABLE TO FACE SOLO QUERs…This will entice more team play!!!

6.What will force them…The fact that solo qued teams will probably loose more games against stacked teams who are playing as a TEAM.

  1. In regards to smurfing…I understand. Most of the time it is not a smurf trying to beat up on lower ranked players…although… I have faced that at least 10x this season. They are out there…and they do effect our SR…

  2. & 9. I do report them.

  3. I can feel I want more satisfaction out of this process. I sometimes feel miserable playing. I sometimes feel attacked for how I sound… and I wish to know more details. I’m not saying I want to contact these players and laugh in their face… I just want to know the exact result of my complaints and the communities complaints.

  4. Yeah…this is everyone’s fear… I BELIEVE IN AN SR RESET. And having individual SR with individual roles…But I don’t agree in forcing a 2,2,2 that does not allow us to experiment with PRO comps.

  5. mmmmm I have been…

  6. But yet they don’t reply to the outcry against a 2.2.2 group up…remain active with us…dont just come in and go as you please.

    IT’S not healthy. Stop the propaganda. Rarely have Toxic games… wow…congrats…

THE LOOKING FOR GROUP TOOL>…THAT WE GET PUNISHED FOR USING. It is a punishment that we, as a group, always have to be facing a group!!!.. You are telling me that the players who put in an effort to get out of a toxic situation need to possibly play harder matches? If the higher % of toxic players are in the SoloQ…then those players should have a more difficult time gaining SR and stacking wins.

MITROVAR: NO… It is hard to go up against a stack… sure you could be on the better team, great.

THE PROBLEM IS THAT TOXIC SOLO-Qrs don’t get punished. If you are on your mic and able to play multiple positions and don’t throw…good for you. Keep solo Qing if that’s what you want.

ALL I’m SAYING…is it is a pretty hard cut off that STACKS MUST FACE STACKS… IT should just be SR BASED regardless of the amount of people stacked on each team.



Do you realize how many players play this game? This is overwhelmingly short sighted.

Wyoming gave you every answer that the devs themselves probably would’ve given you.

I think you need to chill out a bit… When things happen they happen. It’s not like they sit around for weeks at a time and decide on a specific day to implement everything. It takes time, and many things they do are confidential. So you just gotta wait for them to start communicating.


But you have a group too! It’s fair! You aren’t at a disadvantage, you just don’t get an advantage.

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Hey folks, specifically calling Blizzard/Developers out isn’t encouraging feedback and discussions. As such, I’m going to close the thread. Thanks!