Heroes Balance!

Game is in a great place think we just need to see how Ashe affects it and maybe Bastion needs tweeking but, correct me if I’m wrong, I think they said they didnt have plans for a rework on him.

If anything the game just needs more heros (a main tank like yesterday) to round out different comps and strategies.

Rework suggests a change to major parts of a character’s kit.

They could fix Bastion with data value tweaks.

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Except he was a tank buster with scatter before? Remember him deleting orisa and sometimes zarya?
And far range aint good for him unless the target is sentry bastion

Blizzard, please fix this man.

Unless i’m wrong… he has no drop off?

Scatter arrow was being abused in an unintended way, to deal max potential damage to the underside of a character’s hitbox, upon hitting the ground in front of them at a specific angle.

It could have been fixed without needing to have been reworked, actually.

The problem is, now he’s got a better fan-the-hammer that works at any range, and literally only takes holding down M1 whenever you look at somebody to deal said damage.

True they could. Personally I just see him as a balancing nightmare in his current state.

Polarizing at low ranks and near unplayable in high ranks unless your entire team commits to you. He has enough damage on paper and if they buff survivability via his passive we all know how that turned out after the inital rework he had…

No, he doesn’t. On paper his damage is literally useless once map elements and distance are factored in… and even then his max potential dps (At point blank range on an unmoving target) is only 450, which is outclassed by reaper in those same conditions.

(And btw, i personally want the passive removed or otherwise reworked, since it only causes issues… if they want him to survive more often, he should be able to defend himself more often)

Also, yea… i’ve talked with a lot of lower ranked players… he sucks down there too.

You clearly haven’t met me yet.
Because if i have anything to say about it… If the devs want to balance him, they can start by talking here: 💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (500+ Likes, 16,600+ Responses)

The balance that we need…if OW insists on being a solo queue game, then each category should have a hero that counters a hero in another category.

This is probably the most irritating part of the solo-queue experience.

Which is why he is getting a range buff.

Unless we are talking about damage over time, instead of in a small time frame.

But he has travel time?

I was aware of how to do it. It was still a tank busting ability which is why when storm first came out it did so much damage you just fire the arrows from scatter individually also it didnt work as intended either since if you fired it into a room with a low health target it often missed them or didn’t finish them off.

And it still serves its purpose as a tank busting ability unlike mccree’s fth it aint an insta kill with flash

And it shouldn’t serve that purpose.

They still could have fixed the original ability in multiple ways.

Travel time is part of his learning curve.

Travel time does not translate to performing worse at higher ranges.

That’s what its current purpose is though

If it would have worked it would have been implemented but it didn’t so we have storm instead

It does actually since your more likely to miss since if your predictions are wrong leading to less ult charge and potentially a loss of your life or your teammates since widow outperforms him at long range

Who is this Hereos guy which the Op is talking about?


20 chars (why is this a thing)

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Reaper will prob get a rework on his shadow step. I think his damage is good. Its just that he has no engage tool to get into the fight. He has the escape( wraith form) but nothing to get into the fight.

I don’t think you understand how balance works.

All the heroes are effective and useful, but certain heroes work more effectively when paired with other heroes or played against certain heroes.

The reason why you think there is lack of balance is because Overwatch is designed around team synergy and counter-play. You’re never going to feel that there is “true” balance when the game is designed around teamwork.

So, I just want to step back from the game and the use of Demands, and instead offer Ideas for characters in the roster with "What If".

What if Bastion got a passive, that could be toggled on and off by the player, that put a red rectangle around any enemy in his FoV, in the same way, the circles function for McCree in Deadeye?

  • I mean bastion is a robot designed for war hostile target recognition would likely be available in his hardware and software.

  • This would make it possible for a Bastion who can’t reposition because of they in turret form able to see enemies through allies positioned in the way of their view, and also give Bastion the potential to be used to see flankers who would normally be to fast to see their model get behind the team.

What if Brigette didn’t gain any forward momentum with her shield bash, but it was instead a flashbang on the other side of her shield?

  • No explanation, just wondering about this one.

What if D.Va, had the ability to get out of her mech and leave it in a place, and with the same ability get back in?

Then What if while her Mech was alive when she used mini D.Va’s ult it flew to her instead of falling from the sky damaging and Enemy it hits on the way?

THEN What if Baby D.Va had abilities to make there actually a reason to play in Baby D.Va form in a way that isn’t just finding the nearest cliff?

Lastly What if Baby D.Va’s damage then also counted toward her mech’s self-destruct and that could be activated remotely.

  • I ask because when D.Va was announced she was posed as 2 characters in one, and that made her look Amazing.

  • Maybe a roll like McCree’s but with a longer distance traveled and without reloading her blaster.

  • Maybe a powerful piercing shot that deals more damage than the ammo spent but on a cooldown on her right click.

What if McCree’s Ult instead of what if does now gave him 6 shots, and could choose who to use those shots on?

  • The circle marker showing the amount of health left on the target after being shot nearest the McCree’s cross hair would be enlarged making them the target of the shot and on a left click, he fires at them dealing that damage.

What if Mercy didn’t increase damage done with her right click but reduced damage taken?

What if Resurrect had a smaller window then the whole of the respawn timer to used on a fallen ally?

What if her staff had effects that amplified the effects of her beams?

  • Mercy as a character that is a pacifist, explained with even the voice line “Must violence always be the solution?” I have begun to ask why is Mercy then amplifying the violence her team is able to do. Instead I think it would be better for her the PREVENT violence by making it less effective.

  • Since Mercy’s rework this is the only part of Resurrect that has not been changed to bring the power of the ability down. If it takes 10 seconds to respawn that is a major window for her and her team to make the space necessary or for the enemy team to misstep so that she can resurrect the fallen player. If you reduced the that window, without reducing actual respawn time, to say 5 seconds or even lower, it would force the Mercy to decide the priority of the resurrect in a shorter period, and would give a window for the team that got the kill to know that the kill is confirmed.

  • When I bring up special amplifications for Mercy’s staff I want to express first that in my mind the balancing aspect of these is that I think their cooldown should be set to its full duration every time the staff effect is used regardless of if it is ready to use or not. Meaning that if it is not off cooldown yet but you use say healing the Healing Amp’s cooldown starts over as though you just used it without applying any bonus, and it remains waiting to start its cooldown until you stop using that beam, this would give Mercy players reason to NOT Heal when I explain what I mean by Amplifications of the beams.

  • What I mean by Beam Amplifications is something along the lines of:

– Healing Beam: Heals for 150 HP/s for a very short time (say 1 second), then 100 for a slightly longer time (say 2 seconds) and then returns to its base of 50, with the amount reducing gradually after the first half of the first-time increment.

– Guardian Beam: Reduce damage received by the target by 100% for a very short time (say 1 second), then 65% for a slightly longer time (say 2 seconds), and then returns to its base of 35%, with the amount reducing gradually after the first half of the first-time increment.

–each would have a moderate to long cooldown, I was thinking like Ana’s Grenade or Moira’s orb (8-12 seconds), with the added bit from above that means you can’t use the beam before the cooldown is down or the cooldown restarts.

What if Mei couldn’t contest points while in Ice Block?

  • Invulnerabilities in general shouldn’t because there is now counter play to them.

What if Reaper took reduced damage for a few seconds after his teleport, with a cool smoke effect bursting out the opposite of his model when taking damage?

  • This could allow him to use the ability more aggressively.

What if Symetra’s Teleporter gave allies that passed through a temporary (2-5 second) small (50 HP) shield?

  • This could allow Sym to make her team be able to be more aggressive.

What if Zenyatta’s boosted damage to his Discord target, was granted as bonus healing to his Harmony orb target.

  • Zenyatta is one of the few support that doesn’t really have the healing output for QM single healer comps that have anything to do with a tank, I mean his Discord Orb could make him fine with 5 DPS, but what if a Zen with good aim also healed more.

they should add a tele like Demon gate from warlock WoW imagine what you can do with that kit it would be simmilar to Sym but for reaper only no yes bad idea? or a target like discord and u can tele right behind them
(You reap what you saw) you can counter it because u have a debuff on you that tells your soul is fading. :slight_smile:

Needs Buffs:
Orisa, Hammond, Symmetra,Pharah, Mercy? Reaper (Shadow Step)

Yep (Pharah and Mercy are not that bad imo)

Needs Reworks:

Maybe??? I kinda like his ability kit. He could use some buffs (headshots in sentry mode would be amazing to have). But on the other hand, it’s probably super hard to balance stationary hero around fast paced shooter game like Overwatch, so a rework could also work.

Needs Nerfs:
Brigitte, Hanzo (Storm Arrow)