Heroes Balance!

Everyone is a good pick, nobody is useless anymore and can work.

but we might need a few changes to make it perfect.

Needs Buffs:
Orisa, Hammond, Symmetra,Pharah, Mercy? Reaper (Shadow Step)

Needs Reworks:

Needs Nerfs:
Brigitte, Hanzo (Storm Arrow)

Your thoughts?

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NeRf bRIgGitE! (and no, im not a brig main, im a tracer main)
just make her combo have a 0.5 sec between shield bash and the next attack(since the community thinks DF doesnt deserve having his combo, then she shouldnt either), then she will be balanced.
we dont need Jeff to get out the Nerf Hammer, just a small balancing cooldown.


Bastion: I think they gonna buff him before doing any drasting changes. Mercy got buff and is under watch if it is enought. Reaper is in similar position. Phara is ok, Orisa is ok, Hammond might be on buff list. Briggy and Hanzo are fine.

I cant wait to see how they are going to do the “reverse spread” buff for Bastion. he deserves some time in the sun in something other than cheese comps

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Why would they rework a hero because of one ability? :thinking: [Reaper]

Pharah is kinda fragile but otherwise fine, Orisa is ok but Rein is mostly a better pick, Hanzos Storm Arrows shouldn’t headshot, but I agree mostly

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Or they just need buffs. (like the upcoming bastion buff)

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Just rework the ability not the entire kit :smiley:

Well OP asked for my thoughts so I gave them :grin:. Phara might have some issues when Ashe comes live.

In that case it would have made more sense to put him in your buff category.

Rework implies a whole kit change. Hence the word “rework”

And even that may not be enough to save him at this point.

I’m very excited to test out the Bastion buffs, but in all honesty… they may need to consider adding/re-adding a headshot modifier if they want to actually bring him back from F-tier…

Oh, and do away with that god awful passive while they’re at it.

There you go ^^


Pharah and mercy don’t need buffs and hanzo and Brig don’t need nerfs


Definitely needs toned down.
I don’t know how else to put it…

The archer doesn’t need to excel at killing the largest tank-y-est heroes in the entire game, especially at extreme ranges, close and far.

Game is in a great place think we just need to see how Ashe affects it and maybe Bastion needs tweeking but, correct me if I’m wrong, I think they said they didnt have plans for a rework on him.

If anything the game just needs more heros (a main tank like yesterday) to round out different comps and strategies.

Rework suggests a change to major parts of a character’s kit.

They could fix Bastion with data value tweaks.

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Except he was a tank buster with scatter before? Remember him deleting orisa and sometimes zarya?
And far range aint good for him unless the target is sentry bastion

Blizzard, please fix this man.

Unless i’m wrong… he has no drop off?

Scatter arrow was being abused in an unintended way, to deal max potential damage to the underside of a character’s hitbox, upon hitting the ground in front of them at a specific angle.

It could have been fixed without needing to have been reworked, actually.

The problem is, now he’s got a better fan-the-hammer that works at any range, and literally only takes holding down M1 whenever you look at somebody to deal said damage.

True they could. Personally I just see him as a balancing nightmare in his current state.

Polarizing at low ranks and near unplayable in high ranks unless your entire team commits to you. He has enough damage on paper and if they buff survivability via his passive we all know how that turned out after the inital rework he had…