Hero Gauntlet is unplayable


Who decided it was a good idea to shut the match down as soon as too many people left? Do they not know how bad the leaving problem is? They cultivated it by allowing it with little punishment in basically every mode of gameplay; now they’re going to punish the REST of us because OTHER people don’t stop leaving?
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: THERE NEED TO BE HARSHER LEAVING PENALTIES. And stop shutting the damn game down for the rest of us because some OTHER people decided to bail.


I agree and was about to post the same topic.

The match should at least end. There’s a loot box event going on as well, and that hurts it even more. Even though McCree ended up as one of my mains, I still had a rough time as Hanzo


It is unplayable…


This really feels like a huge blunder by Blizzard.

Are they REALLY worried that people will earn the bonus loot boxes too easily that they have to shut down matches?

Like, what the heck are they thinking?


Or it might be a bug because a lot of people complain about the same problem.


I think it should just end and not be cancelled if was going on for a set amount of time (let’s say 2-3 minutes).


I’m thinking it’s a bug also. I tried one gauntlet and the game only lasted about 1 minute. Right before that I found a McCree not moving, the workshop could just be crashing some clients.


How about instead of punishing those who don’t want to waste their time in a non-team based, unwinnable FFA match, reward those who had a lead and stayed for full XP?

Keep in mind, the whole point of playing in Arcade is 1. to have fun, 2. to earn extra lootboxes.

So give me one good reason why you should keep playing if you’re 10 kills away from the 4th player when the 1st player’s already on Torb. To not have fun? To let others farm off of you? Isn’t that just super counter-intuitive?


I’m not sure how to explain the concept of sportmanship, or the idea that you shouldn’t be a self-serving dick.


I was about to post the same topic. I can’t tell how many times I got robbed a win because people were too far behind and decided to quit.

The problem is made worse because people can’t join midgame. Every time someone joins a game, it starts a new one, so if too many people quit, there will be no replacements.

I agree with punishing people that leave and I also think the game should go through to the end regardless of how many people still are in the match.

So give me one good reason why you should keep playing if you’re 10 kills away from the 4th player when the 1st player’s already on Torb. To not have fun?

Because you searched the game? Because if you’re 10 kills behind the 4th player it’s on you? Because you’d be robbing other players their fun and their lootboxes? Are those reasons good enough for you?

Do you honestly believe it’s ok to cancel their game just because you couldn’t get kills in a non teambased game mode in which the sole purpose is to get kills?


I do believe it’s been fixed, last night i won two games with only 5 people left in it. Still a garbage mode though. I can understand why people leave. The matches take way to long, 22 kills I believe to win, or 10 minutes. Almost all matches go to 10 minutes however as there are a lot of bad hero’s with such low DPS you get kill stealed all the time.

Plus the hero choice just isn’t picked all that well imo. If your ahead you tend to win because the progression doesn’t really get harder. I mean the last hero is freaking Torb with a turret. Perhaps one of the easiest hero’s to get a kill with is the last one!


wnted to post the same but then i forgot the name of this mode lol


Hey look, you’re totally ignoring the part where I said to reward those players who stayed.

Nobody leaves the FFA match just because they want to “cuck the top players off of their loot”, it’s because they see there’s no point continue playing knowing 1. they won’t have fun getting stomped over and over again on heroes they don’t even play, 2. that they have no chance of winning anything worth getting stomped for, so they give up and leave, just to join the next match and try again.

What’s the problem with that? The players who stayed didn’t get their reward you say? Isn’t that caused by the game’s design flaw?

Doing something totally pointless is not a part of sportsmanship, and avoiding doing so is definitely not self-serving.

A better example being mirrored FFA. Say I’m at the 8th place and I’m 10 kills behind the 4th player and I can’t hit anything. I know I have no hope to win, so you tell me how do I be sportsman-like.

Do I pretend that I enjoy and care about the game, tryharding and wasting my energy on it, so that I’ll be even less tuned for the next games, or,
Do I go full laid-back and let everyone farm off of me with little to no resistance, so the game can end sooner and others can have fun getting some elims?

Or do the devs need to fix their game so it doesn’t punish the winning players when others leave? 'Cuz even Olympic games have the option to quit, and their champions are still awarded as champions.