⭐ Here's every mystery in the Overwatch Universe

What made Gabe turn and eventually join Talon?

How was Reaper an active entity before Rialto and the fall of Overwatch?

Why does Doomfist want to reignite the omnic wars?

Why was animal intelligence experimentation carried out on the moon?

Do omnics have individually manufactured personality chips?

Are some omnics less sentient than others, say an Or-14 compared to Orisa?

I don’t know how many can be considered mysteries, but I am basically a seven year old with this lore.

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In about 2017 or 18, Blizzard put a video up on their YouTube channel of Junkrat and Roadhog and their treasure. It was a promotional video for Junkertown.

It pretty much explains that the robbing spree they went on during their comic was to get this treasure. I think Junkrat and Hanzo’s interaction is implaying that the Junkers stole from the Shimada clan.

Considering Sombra is…Sombra, I think that probably is her name, but it may never be confirmed to keep that air of mystery about her.

Money would suffice, I reckon.

Some people believe that symbol in the middle is the Iris, but I don’t think it is personally. It could be anything, so hopefully we find out one day.
Unfortunately, it’s always possible that the Overwatch universe is only expanded on as far as heroes go. That’s more-or-less the current trend, so they may not really have anything in mind for the future lore-wise. They build as they go.

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The “Treasure” Junk’s known for finding is something within the exploded Australian omnium, the robbing spree came after that.

Now if that treasure is info, some kind of absurd tech, or a valuable physical artifact no one knows.


u forgot the strange shop layouts on King’s row… Seriously, it appears to be a book store (opposite to the pub that have a mega health pack in it) but it is hollow viewing from the left side.

It was Zarya, who got the name from Alejandra, a young girl who lives in Dorado and probably knows Sombra’s real name. Colomar is also the name of one of Sombra’s player icons. Based on her reaction, I would be very surprised if it wasn’t her real name.


Ah, I see. In that case yeah, it remains a mystery.

Gene-coded hardlight tech, made under contract using blood money or other illegal bribes.

That’s my guess for how the Shimadas have the Dragons without invoking magic.

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Though how would it work if it empowers weaponry?

Genji has been shown to manifest his dragon either the way in Dragons when he steers his and Hanzo’s back at Hanzo or he can empower his blade making it slice through cars and stuff.

Hard light is already the principle behind the barrier tech, so it’s not much of a stretch for reflecting ability to be an extension of it as well, or some alternate form of the amp matrix, which is also possibly hard light based.

Arguably slicing through cars is the easy bit, since the trope of an absurdly sharp blade has at least 3 different explanations that are all equally likely given Overwatch tech: monomolecular/laser edge, high-frequency/high-heat blade, and super strength with a super tough blade

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nope, Genji pulled out his sword, not his dragons. Just like how Hanzo can shoot an arrow without shooting dragons.

When will the Doomfist be returned to Timmy?

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Well in the Sombra player icons they use the Olivia Colomar name so it has to be hers.

Who is the Savior Doomfist and what happened with him? How was he able to fight omnics with a brass knuckles?

How the gauntlet got fixed when it broke when the hooded guy punched Widow with it?

The omnic alphabet.

Who is Echo because she havent been on either Anas or Winstons OW group picture.

Who is the guy on the bottom left of Anas OW group picture? (Adawe?)

What happened to Liao?

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What is fun while playing maintank? is also a big mystery.

I’m pretty sure its the giant treasure room in the defending spawn room.

I love mysteries! Who all needs some visual aid?

I am only aware of the one snowglobe located in the Team 1 (Leisure/Rec Room) spawn just left of the main entrance/exit. I double checked and can’t find any other snowglobes. But I do not remember seeing this snowglobe since the map changes from the Rise and Shine short (those map changes included the used noodle cups everywhere, the cups of tea at the Cryo chambers, etc.)

We know that Junkrat found something more valuable… or more dangerous than what money could buy (probably). He is constantly on the run and had to hire Roadhog for protection. According to Junkrat’s Hero Profile:

This backstory is further explained in the comic “Wasted Land”.

That someone was Zarya in the “Searching” comic. Here is the exact panels of relevance.

I would point out that “Colomar” may not be the full family name given the dots in the speech bubble. As you can see from the other panels, Sombra makes a claim that she wants Katya’s help and thinks she has some connection to the thing that Sombra seeks… and fears most.

I think this might be a pinch bit of an exaggeration of your imagination. Anamoly simply means something that is not identified. The weather has anamolys all of the time in our world today (this Winter has been a record for snow squalls in Wyoming). However, what we do know is that all of the Ecopoints (there are more than one) was recording data to explain a further acceleration of climate change and global warming. We do know that it is Mei’s mission (with Winston’s support) to travel to each of the remaining Ecopoints (which are all shut down) and attempt to recover any data they may have. There is an old PlayOverwatch.com news post which details this.

This I have very little insight on. I think one thing to point out that is there is a LOT of factions for both humans, omnics, and the combination of the two. Right now we know that there are at least three hostile Omnic factions causing the second Omnic Crisis:

  • The unidentified Omnium in Russia (which is the focal point of Katya’s and Zarya’s conflict)
  • The Gwishin Omnics from the underwater base/omnium in the South China Sea just off the coast of Busan, Korea.
  • Null Sector (which apparently has returned since the King’s Row Massacre) as seen in the Overwatch 2 Cinematic Trailer “Zero Hour”
  • There is a fourth possible faction lead by the mysterious Omnic that talked with Doomfist in Storm Rising, but it could equally be Null Sector

That being said it is clear that there are Omnics that have different agendas.

There is a lot more than you think. Zenyatta’s hero profile has the most information.

The pre-game interactions between Zenyatta and with Tracer or Orisa are the most enlightening as well despite not revealing a lot.

This is probably the apex of the lore of Overwatch. What was seen in Sombra’s Origin Story has the most lore intrigue and I think it will be a key focal point, if not the possible chief antagonist of Overwatch 2 when it comes out. All we know is that there is some powerful entity that was very likely the chief architect of Overwatch’s downfall (the former organization before the recall) and has seeded connections to nearly every organization mentioned in the lore.

What we do know is that Sombra seeks this entity and she also greatly fears it. As you can see in the Origin Story she was discovered by something more powerful than Talon, than Overwatch, than anyone. It is my hope this is the lynchpin of Overwatch 2’s story (remember Winston says “Trouble is cropping up all over the world. It’s not just Null Sector.” in the Overwatch 2 Gameplay Trailer) and what we will dive into when the game releases.


Wow thanks a ton for such a detailed post! It makes me realize how hungry I am for actual story progression.

Like 95% of all lore and shorts and stuff happen in the past, I want something to happen in the present that moves the plot forward, that’s why the mysterious omnic at end of storm rising was so exciting to me

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I think this types of disscussions belongs to lore discussion.
Good wotk btw.

For this one, i think it could be something as simple as resources. You know, omnics are not made from air. But thats just my take.

Little is known other than the first Doomfist is (from a certain point of view), a “good guy” and I speculate he helped protect the land that would eventually become Numbani during the first Omnic Crisis.

Good question… but for those who need reference since these banners do not appear in the game anymore:

As a speculation, it probably remained broken, but simply pieced together deactivated even after it was moved to Numbani (remember in the Overwatch Cinematic Trailer that is an entirely different museum at some unknown location) and the gauntlet was then abducted by Doomfist and Talon from the Payload on Numbani (the March 2017 Numbani Map Change).

The lexigram is a complex cyrptographic and electronic communication dialect which uses animated characters.

Hopefully we will learn more soon, but it is clear she was very involved with Overwatch before the downfall. If I had to speculate, she is one of the “good” A.I. “god programs” but has her own body to inhabit unlike Athena or Anubis.

I dunno.

Not much is known. Likely has yet to answer the recall, presume they are still alive. The only mention of this person is in this news post: