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I think this types of disscussions belongs to lore discussion.
Good wotk btw.

For this one, i think it could be something as simple as resources. You know, omnics are not made from air. But thats just my take.

Little is known other than the first Doomfist is (from a certain point of view), a “good guy” and I speculate he helped protect the land that would eventually become Numbani during the first Omnic Crisis.

Good question… but for those who need reference since these banners do not appear in the game anymore:

As a speculation, it probably remained broken, but simply pieced together deactivated even after it was moved to Numbani (remember in the Overwatch Cinematic Trailer that is an entirely different museum at some unknown location) and the gauntlet was then abducted by Doomfist and Talon from the Payload on Numbani (the March 2017 Numbani Map Change).

The lexigram is a complex cyrptographic and electronic communication dialect which uses animated characters.

Hopefully we will learn more soon, but it is clear she was very involved with Overwatch before the downfall. If I had to speculate, she is one of the “good” A.I. “god programs” but has her own body to inhabit unlike Athena or Anubis.

I dunno.

Not much is known. Likely has yet to answer the recall, presume they are still alive. The only mention of this person is in this news post:


There was signs of this for sometime in the backstory.


This is further detailed in the Retribution comic, the Overwatch Retribution closing cut scene, and the Uprising Comic.

This is his personal philosophy, “Only through conflict do humans evolve.” This is probably mostly due to his critical injuries during the first Omnic Crisis and cybernetic implants as mentioned in his backstory:

Note the bold text, he wants to bring the world to war and this is the general premise of Overwatch 2’s story plot.

According to Winston’s backstory:

There additional details in this news post:

As a personal speculation, I would say yes but all Omnics seem to have the ability to self-evolve as it is clearly demonstrated with Bastion (the hero) in both his animated short The Last Bastion and the Binary Comic along with various voice interactions between Bastion and Zenyatta, Orisa, Torbjorn, and Brigitte.

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Okay that is it from me for the night. I think we touched on a lot of different points. Remember, I have links to a HUGE chunk of lore information in the Dev Post Archives* which is pinned in the General Discussion forum.

Hopefully we will get some more breadcrumbs soon in the months to come. It is kind of a shame that there will be no new major content for Overwatch Archives this year (which should be coming in April), but maybe if we are all good, some teases for Overwatch 2 may come and feed our lore-deprived minds.

*Please note, I am still in a process of restoring dev posts from the old forums into the archives which includes all lore-related dev posts.

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I personally think that Junkrat and Roadhog’s treasure is the doomfist/a part of the doomfist gauntlet which we saw in the first Overwatch cinematic. It would be interesting to see a fight between Overwatch and Talon in junkertown, where both sides are trying to get Junkrat’s gauntlet.

That speculation has conflicts, we know that whatever it is that Junkrat found was found deep in the wreckage of the Austrailian Ominum (which stands as Junkertown today).

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Not really a mystery but more of an observation.

The Bastion we play as is a model E54 (white/green) while all the others are B73’s (orange/black). Plus Null Sector only uses B73’s (B73-NS) and doesn’t use E54’s, what gives.

As far as I know the Bastion we play as is the only instance of a E54 model we have ever seen.

Who’s the family Reaper stalks/observes in the Christmas comic? What connection do they have with him?

We still don’t know a lot (if anything) about Pharah’s dad only that his name was…something with an S (I forgot).

What happened with Reinhardt’s retirement from Overwatch? Was he forced out?


Who is Liao, where are they now and what are they up to? Chu recently confirmed that the character still exists and plays an important role in the story but we know absolutely nothing about them besides their name and being tge final overwatch founder. We don’t even know their gender or whether they’re human or anything

And what’s up with Reinhardt’s retirement from overwatch? It’s hinted at that he got thrown out and both Sombra and Brig have pre vattle convos about it but it’s super vague

Obviously there’s also still a lot of unnamed characters in the lore from old pictures and videos who we don’t even know are still canon or important enough to get mentioned again - but I think one who stands out is the mohawk guy from Ana’s old overwatch team picture with Pharah as a young girl. With Sojourn being confirmed to be the woman on the right and the picture presumably still being canon - who is mohawk guy on the left? He’s apparently important enough to get on a personal team picture with overwatch’s highest ranking member but we know nothing else really

The important questions… Thank you

it’s actually the rusted colour of the original red bastions, since bastion never awoke he simply sat folded up in the rain, dirt and flora getting more and more rusted, he Shares many of the icons and markings with his omnic crisis skin.
That being said he does look oddly clean, however it could be assumed travel under the sea cleaned off the dirt from his ‘overgrown’ skin

I thought Reaper’s shotguns were just a reference to the Matrix. If I had to guess. Nanomachines.

Same for how Brig’s Rally generates armour. Nanomachines.

Hanzo’s Dragons? Apparently not magic. Someone speculated it was hardlight technology.

or midichlorians :thinking:

That’s a good theory but it has one problem.

All the other dead Bastions we see are all still orange, even the ones sitting out in the fields of Eichenwald. 30 years have passed and they show no signs of having the same paint underneath.

It was that she stumbled upon it as she was hacking, and it noticed her, so she needed to change her body with all of those hacking prosthetics, so that way she could be more efficient, and I believe she is now trying to find out what it also is.

Looking at Said cinematic the ones in the field seem to use almost the exact same color as overgrown Bastion (especially visible when the probe is happening), so I’m guessing that it was going through the sea that must have done the final damage, salt water and all that. I’m guessing green was a base color of the metal they used for the legs or something? Honestly it might just be artistic oversight.

  • Why were the omnics attacking “out of season” in D.Va’s cinematic?
  • What is Echo? How does McCree and the rest of the team know her, even though she’s not in any of their group photos? Why was she being transported in a weird egg capsule?
  • Why did Reyes join Talon, a group he spent so much time fighting that killed his close friend Gerard? Why did they let him join?
  • Who made Reaper and McCree’s weapons? They were apparently designed by the same person, and McCree scolds Reaper in one interaction saying they weren’t given to him just to be tossed around like trash.
  • Why doesn’t McCree go with Echo to join the others right away?
  • What was it that McCree tossed off that train that Talon was trying to highjack?
  • Why were Sombra and McCree drinking at the same bar during Christmas?
  • Why was Reaper following that family during Christmas?
  • What exactly happened between Jack and Gabriel that led to Overwatch HQ being blown up and the whole group being disbanded?
  • Why did the experimental apes go crazy and revolt on Horizon Lunar colony? Who caused it and what was the motivation?
  • Is there a secret room in Paris that can only be accessed with the “right word” as was hinted?
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The “hint” was a reference to the underground omnic resistance. It’s not a literal door on the map, but in the lore, omnics/people who knew the right words could get access to secret rooms where the resistance would gather.