Here are some Ashe Gifs <3

As the title says, I uploaded some gifs for anyone who is interested! You can post yours if you’d like as well, let’s share the wealth :green_heart:

This one isn’t mine but I found it and it’s hilarious:


I love her so much!! New main. Instant purchase on that golden gun!


i love you for uploading this <3 !

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She has a nice tie, hat too

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As someone who likes mccree and use him as my baseline to recalibrate my aim when I feel like I can’t aim at all that day, Ashe playstyle looks very appealing to me.

I love using iron sight, it gives me that slight zoom I need without feeling tunnel vision from using a sniper rifle scope. No more pressure of having to headshot in extreme zoom using a sniper rifle when playing ana/wm.

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She is a very fancy outlaw.

:green_heart: :relaxed:


Becautiful gifs <3

Unfortunately I suspect that she might be my new main. I guess I am redownloading PTR to practice aiming with her. groans

Finally a hero who actually can use sights like an actual FPS game. People keep saying this is a “skilled fps game” and yet it’s always baffled me how McCree and Soldier can’t even scope in.

Finally, about darn time a hero comes that actual FPS players like me do know.

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Thank you for uploading these!

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No problem!

Thank you! Good luck in your quest.

If you main her, then you will needed to get a name changed. :wink:
DPSGood or KillsGood

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