Help with workshop- permanent enemy/target placements

Hi, im new to workshop.
would like to know if its possible to set targets in permanent areas per map.
also would like to know how.

Well it depends on the shape of the areas on a map, the easiest is a radial-spherical shape.

For learning references i can recommend visiting the Wiki panel to get some explanation on some core aspects like Variables, Actions and Constants. Or check out some codes shared and published there maybe you recieve any hints on achieving your goal with them.

Youtube have some (maybe old) getting started tutorials as well.

For specific cases like your area restriction for players example you can check out the forums here and look if there isn’t already a relative case answered and solved, use the search bar.

For even better guidance and support you can visit and talk with other workshoppers on the Elo Hell discord (unfortunately i can’t post a direct link, but it should be found on website anyways). They might help you 1 on 1 with it, but be solitairic enough to give some credits to those who helped you out :D.


thank you, and i guess just to clarify, i basically want to place enemy characters in stationary positions throughout the map. and im wondering if its possible, so that when a map is loaded, the enemy targets are in the pre set locations. (to create a specific sort of training situation)

It is possible. Here is a small demonstration mode: