Help! I have not received sprays

Watched at least 2 hours ( defenetly more) of sprays streamers and I have not received the first sprays, I am on console, anyone that can let me know how much has he waited until the unlock of these sprays?

Does Twitch say you earned them in the notifications?

Read through this FAQ if you haven’t done so already.

Yeah that is what I wanted to know as well, ty :))

I actually got all sprays without any notification popping ever.

If you’re referring to a popup within the Overwatch game, you don’t.

How I checked to see if I got them was to watch the “Whats New” items and I saw them become unlocked as I has the stream going.

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No I meant Twitch itself.

I know its a silly question, but are you sure your bnet or console ID (?) is properly linked to twitch

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I saw your comment and I checked “What’s new” as well and I saw the first spray unlocked thanks for the advice man :smiley: