[HELP] FPS Problems

For a while I have been playing Overwatch and the game has been more than nice to me with my FPS. I played the game on medium with over 100 FPS and and I played it perfectly fine. Recently, I had to do a factory reset on my PC (which of course deleted all of the files) then I reinstalled Overwatch to try to play with my friends. The first thing I did was configure the game to medium settings then do a full PC restart. Once we got in I noticed my FPS was around 10-21 and I really got confused. I set the game to the lowest settings possible and after a while of the game being on I barely manage 40 FPS with major stutters. I had even set my game to be windowed 1366x768 and yet the lag is still there. Before my PC reset I ran the game fullscreen 1920x1080 medium settings perfectly fine. Now it’s this and the game is just completely unplayable. Most of my graphs are just the white bars. Nothing is overheating as I was monitoring temps while I was in the training range. I really need help fixing this because I want to get back to playing with my friends.

Side Note: My new Corsair 16GB ram kit is currently being shipped if ram has anything to do with this.

Please help! Thanks.

Are you using any Razer Chroma devices mentioned in the sticky threads?

If not, provide a DxDiag for forum members to look over. Thank you.

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  3. In the DxDiag window, click Save All Information.
  4. Name the file “dxdiag” and click Save.

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DXDiag: DXDiag - Pastebin.com

User Benchmark: Dell Inspiron 5680 Performance Results - UserBenchmark

Pretty sure it’s either your Razer Chroma device, as I linked above, or the Logitech/Discord overlay combo (it’s in the settings for additional modules).

Yes! Thank you, after finally syncing up my Razer Synapse and Overwatch the game boosted back to 255 FPS solid. I appreciate it.

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