Heavy lag in compettive overwatch game

Hello. I was recently playing a match on rialto. The game started of fine, but later som lag started apperaing, not only for me but mostly the whole match. Here is the code: CYPHXQ. Idk if that will help i have clipped some parts of the game too, but i feel that its unfair that many players lag heavly, flying thru the floor and then reapering dead or some place elsewere, and then some didnt expirance anything. While its a Open Compettive game, i dont know if there is possible for me to remove the loss i recived. But your owerwatch servers made our team loose, it was nearly impossible to hit anything.
Kindly regards Alfredo

PS5, Getting a lag or skating with most characters in comp… will move diagonally or have no control. Purchased a new controller with same result (not related to drift). Currently running 989 mgbs. Not an issue with bandwidth or internet. Ongoing since latest update for season 9. Occurs with all roles.

Are you able to connect your PlayStation directly to ethernet? I have 300/300 internet, but Overwatch plays horribly on Wi-Fi. My PS4 and PS5 both struggle on Wi-Fi even when right next to the router. I got a mesh Wi-Fi system, so I could plug my PS5 directly into a the satellite router because my setup is not near the main router.