Having really hard time with Hog, Bap, Kiriko Reaper comps

Title… I just cannot counter it. Any tips? Hog has SO MUCH HP, I cant out damage it.

Getting my supports to switch or tank to cooperate is not an option. Nobody is in chat

sry thers nothing you can do.


Haha, that’s what I felt too. Welp. GG

It kind of depends upon your group, If you are competent with Orissa, she can be a good counter to Hog. A decent healer will be enough that a Hog shouldn’t be able to do enough dps to kill Orrisa, you’re a bullet sponge to keep him distracted, use your spear to interrupt his heals, use your other skill sets to mit damages/ stop the hook.

Depending upon how good you are with Diva, she can counter him. When hog hooks you, punish him with your missiles; use your barrier to survive then jet away to focus on the backline.

Mei can make Hog’s time bad if you are good with the timing of the skills.

Any of Mei, dva, zen, pharmercy would be good go to picks against a hog

I’ll try to mindstorm some solutions, if any are dumb just say so lmao. Well firstly, it’s almost a meta comp with a small flaw. Running a mirror comp but swapping out Bap for Lucio will give you the upper hand. Another option is Ana but there need to nades on the hog literally off cooldown. The enemy team can’t eat them and the only option they have is use all suzus and lamps on the hog to counter it. This means if any of those are used not against it, they won’t be able to counter both of the next 2 nades. This requires a lot of time and maybe a bit too much coordination so I doubt that it will work well in low ranks. Or just go with some crazy pick/spam comp where you try to play around the hog and find picks on squishies. Somewhat similar to OW1 Ball comps but without Ball because he’s awful. Something like D.va, Sojourn/Widow, Pharah/Tracer, Mercy/Zen/Lucio, Ana/Kiriko.

If you’re asking in terms of a single player, for tank I’d suggest Orisa/Zarya/D.va, Winston is very strong but requires far more skill and team coordination than the rest. Or you just accept we’re in sad times and play Hog.

For DPS, Sojourn is still very strong. If you can get a Mercy, Pharah isn’t bad (of course depending on the 2nd DPS on the enemy team). Tracer, Mei, Reaper are strong. Of course you can play Ashe/Widow for picks.

For Support, there’s Kiriko and Lucio. There’s a reason they are meta. Mercy is can be good if you have good pocket targets. Zen is always viable in lower ranks. If you’re anywhere relatively high, there’s a good chance you’ll just be farmed all game long. Ana has some potential, if you can get suzu out before nade. Get high ground and regularly look for picks yourself. Ana can 3-shot squishies which can really punish mistakes from the enemy supports.

No… I’m not sure if you forgot but mei can’t freeze, only slow outside of ult. Dva gets shredded, the only decent pick is zen from that. But orisa hard counters hog alone. Pharmercy is meh. Hog will just run after the rest of the team and hard delete them if you don’t got an orisa.

Sojourn/tracer for dps is ideal. Orisa for tank, when they swap off hog can just play whoever.

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