Having Log In Problems

Hello! I’ve been playing on the Switch these past two days and today was my first problem with having connection issues. Is anyone else having this problem?

The code and message I recieve every time I go to log into my account is:

“Login Error: There was a problem trying to Autheticate with Blizzard. Please try again later. (BC-151)”

I’ve disconnected and reconnected to my internet, restarted the application, and even reset my Switch. Nothing is working.

Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know how to fix it?

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BC-151 means the web request that was supposed to log you into your Blizzard account from your console timed out (i.e. never finished and eventually gave up trying). This can happen if the login servers are down, or due to a network connection problem.

I haven’t seen any other recent reports of this, so it seems unlikely to be a server-side issue. I’d recommend asking about this on #technical-support, where they’ll be more equipped to help you troubleshoot.

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Thank you!!

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