Having constant IND spikes

As the title says, I am constantly having massive IND spikes. Basically it jumps from 20 to > 160 for a couple of seconds and then goes back.
However, the latency stays under 30 ms.

Any ideas? Seems like an issue on OW severs. This has been going on for weeks now, it’s impossible to play.

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Can be Network issue or PC issue.

Try diagnose with:

I already did so. Its neither. The only game affected is OW. Any other game I play is not affected by these weird IND spikes.
Any other real-time application running on my machine is not affected.
Why is the IND the only metric affected, and latency not?

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Other than noticing the value change, is there an actual issue happening at the same time?

Well, the other players are just jumping from one place to another. It is not smooth how I see the other players

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Okay, are there orange icons flashing in the upper left corner of the screen?

Yes, It looks like 3 rectangles flashing.
Sometimes, an electricity symbol with an arrow pointing backward.
Finally, if I don’t move, these symbols don’t appear. They tend to appear only when I get close to other players.
Also, going over health packs do not make any noise, for example.

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This icon pulses when your client hasn’t heard from the server for a period longer than your interpolation delay. If this icon is consistently pulsing, it may indicate a connection problem, and can cause erratic behavior in game.

This icon will pulse when packet loss is detected. This could indicate a connection problem and can result in erratic game behavior if it goes on for an extended period of time.

source: Diagnosing Overwatch Network Problems - Blizzard Support

Let’s get a WinMTR, instructions pinned here: