Have you gotten in?

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Watching for your response lol - been in EU / Asia

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They updated the Breaking News section on the menu screen to say “Players may still experience unexpected errors, but servers are beginning to stabilize”.

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I tried queueing, got to the part where youre supposed to get into the second queue, and it gave me the login error. They did not solve the issue, at least not for me and many others from what ive gathered.

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I just reinstalled the game and have a 700 player queue let’s see if anything’s changed


Oh nooo :confounded: ! I really hope we all get on soon.

I think this is what true heartbreak feels like LOL!


Hey everyone, just in case you missed it. We have a full update in our #announcements in regards to what we are doing to get you all into the game.

We’ll post more updates as we have them.


Good luck spoon ! I hope you get in and when you do your first game is a win.


Thanks, Craig! Appreciate it - hope you didn’t have to work too late yesterday/today to get this out. :grimacing:


Get what out? They haven’t freaking done anything yet.


Collaborating with the team and then being able to have an approved message to post, and they have put out updates and patches to try to stabilize.


There was a separate issue with account merge where players who had merged their console and PC accounts were experiencing problems logging in. This bug is now resolved. If you watched any community streamers on launch day, you might have noticed some had more trouble logging in than others; this bug was the primary cause for that. Yeah this was said and. It is a. Lie Bug. Is not fixed at all still unable to log in for 2 days.


I’d been trying to get in since launch time on XSX, with zero luck. I just switched to the Asia server on PC and finished playing 3 matches without a single problem! (Thanks to whoever recommended it earlier in this thread or another). For those that want to try it on PC, just use the small globe icon on the Battle.net launcher to change your region. I was able to “queue” my account merge (I just had to verify the connection I already have for Xbox and PC). Other than that, it was completely smooth sailing… almost like a game launch from a multi-billion dollar corporation is supposed to go.

It looks like Blizzard is finally providing some real information about their issues: Overwatch 2 Known Issues - October 25, 2022. It’s clearly not [just] a DDoS issue… they’re got lots of architecture problems and are not communicating well.

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Just waited another 50 minutes in queue and recieved another login error. Honestly, I’m just frustrated at this point. Hope it’s actually fixed by tomorrow but I won’t be counting on it.


Same… error LC-208 as usual


Yep, that’s exactly what I got.


First attempt was not successful, I’m now in a new queue to try it all again though.

I play on Xbox - EU

I merged my Xbox with my Pc so seems the problem is not fully fixed yet but I’m sure it will be soon.

I haven’t actually attempted to queue via Pc yet though so I might give that a go if this continues to be unsuccessful.

I just would like to get in even once lol, It’s been a very long 2 days.


Yeah I got the same :pleading_face:

I play on Xbox NA and have also merged my Xbox and PC account. My friend got in once. His account was not merged so that’s most definitely the problem here. I wish they’d clarify how long it would take for the ‘fix’ to start working.


honestly i think i give up i’ll probably log in when they announce overwatch 3.


I am also a victim of account merging :smiling_face_with_tear: