Have you gotten in?

Lucky you got in. Ive been in stuck in deathloop for 12 hours. Man im dead :skull:

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I have nothing to do today fortunately, so i will be making attempts every hour, on the hour, until the early evening where i will return here with a few well curated notes of my customer experience.

So far its painfully obvious i’m not going to be providing a good review of my experience.


I got in on my PS4 but all my skins, stats, etc are missing from Overwatch 1. I did the account merge but nothing. And there is an account merge button in OW2 but when I click it nothing happens. What do I do if it’s treating me like a new player? Everything is locked etc I’m pissed…

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For me enough compensation would be to make those old (2018) Valiant, Shock and Mayhem skins available again. Hell, I’ll pay for them, just make them available to purchase. Even that is wishful thinking though, I know.

Sat in queue to get into the game from 9:30 UK time till 2am while I made dinner and played other games, every time I got to 2000 players ahead of me it would reset back to 40k players in front.

Logged in at 9:30am today and I’m just getting an unexpected server issue and being logged out.

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I was able to get in but, ALL of my progress was gone, I am being treated like a new player having to play the training room just to unlock quick play. All of my stats, settings, heros, skins, sprays, voicelines, everything is gone.


15 hours in, still ZERO successful logins. I haven’t even seen the main menu yet. This is a very bad joke at this point. I keep getting a Login Error “disconnected from game server. (LC-208)” every single time.


Hey Andy B give me a Riot Gun Buddy

I’m on the exact same boat. Almost 16hours pressing the A button … It’s torture :pleading_face:

It will all be worth it though when we do finally get in.

Dear devs: remember to drink water, eat, rest up and don’t over stress.

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After researching the error LC-208 seems to be an issue with the server reports are saying. Previously it was parental controls issue. From looking at everything I believe it’s the migration issue as people who haven’t merged their accounts seem to be in on Xbox and PS5.
I could be wrong but that’s where I’m up to! Just hope the tech guys get some sleep and are able to get this sorted today. <3

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Switch your region to Asia and you will login instantly

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Can’t do that on console unfortunately. Good tip for PC players though


PlayStation & Xbox users can’t get in and it takes time for them to push a patch out because of regulations with Sony & Microsoft.

Can’t get in because I merged Accounts in OW1 as we were told. “Unexpected Server Error”

Guess thats what I get for buying the game for PC at launch and then again the Watchpoint Pack for Console.
How did they not test this? Well lets hope this will be resolved “ASAP” as their now quickly deleted Tweet had claimed…
This launch is a big mess but I dont know why I am even surprised about any of this.

I did pretty much the same. Bought the Watchpoint pack for PC and Console before they announced they were going to allowing merging to happen. Already $80’s in and haven’t played a single match. It will be forgotten about once it’s all fixed though, just frustrating right now. Still excited to play as this is an amazing game!

Nah, I still can’t get in.

Cricket is technically not a real phone provider I guess.

Waiting for an update on this oversight of an issue that is SMS, that doesn’t involve me using someone else’s phone, or changing my phone number and forking out money for a whole contract for a new provider.

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What about merging accounts? I can’t access my PS4 account as I sold the console, however it is linked in my BattleNet and my Xbox account is also linked and merged. But I didn’t receive my PS4 items.

Have you managed to get logged in on your console?

Your right like why would blizzard do that because that would kill their game if they don’t let us in, Blizzard gets close to nothing if the streamers goes in and the mass amount of people can’t enter will definitely destroy the game so I’m 100% sure that streamers are in the green.

If anything if they don’t fix this in 2-3 days, hell tomorrow… then the game is already possibly going to be dead again.