Have you gotten in?

I would attempt a login, but that phone thing has me on hold.

I see that it’s “glass half full” mentality but I would have rather he just be like “yeah I know this sucks, still working on it”

Hey Andy, i hope that all things are going as well as can be, considering the complications.


I’ve yet to get in. It hurts lol

This guy is actively trying to rewrite history in real-time. Already pretending that many people have gotten in.

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We’ve also been working on an issue with items missing for some folks.

We’ll be updating the known issues thread for this and other bugs.


Omg I was at 300 and then it restarted and now I’m back to 20000. I waited 3 hours.

6hrs on xbox and haven’t gotten in once. super frustrated esp after paying $40 for that stupid watchpoint pack that apparently may not even work. such a shame since i was excited for the launch :frowning:

Yes, some actual humanityis better than six hours of complete silence and then a boilerplate corporate response that is also pretending things are mostly ok.

“Nothing new to report, sorry guys, this sucks” is literally 100,000,000 times better than silence and “We’ll give updates when we can btw no updates still glad everybody’s having a great time”


This isn’t the experience we wanted some folks to have today, and yes, this sucks…and we’re working on it


I love watchhing the queue go down to just get a login error, so awesome…

But yea people are missing items, who cares i literally cant play the game


Okay? So how much longer will we all have to wait? It has been 6 hours. Give us LEGIT information.

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I thought I was getting close because the queue started counting down by single digits (which was different from simply large jumps).

But unfortunately, I think the server times out from taking too long, and it starts the process all over again. I don’t even get error logs anymore, just a failure to connect, try again later.

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No ETA to currently share. We’ll share more info as we’re able to, and I’ll be here until then.


Ive gotten in but haven’t been able to get the premium battle pass to play kiriko. I owned ow1 but I don’t see any place to purchase it at all. is it because my console account merge isn’t going through? it says some features are locked until it’s done. also says it will take less than a minute but it’s been quite a while longer than that :slight_smile:

edit: yes I know you have to quit the game for the merge to happen. I quit, waited 10 minutes, got in again, merge still pending. now I’m sitting in queue for my 3rd login
edit2: just got in for the 3rd time, account merge still in queue. oh well guess I’ll have to wait for kiriko

I still can’t get in either. When I sent a ticket I was told that at no point in the foreseeable future will I be able to get in game.


Will correcting the problem with logging in on accounts that have cross progression take longer than expected?

It’s currently the only issue I’m having logging in.

Ive been trying to get in since 2:40pm and now its 7 hours later and I haven’t seen the menu once. Should I requeue? My place in line keeps jumping from 10k to 7k back to 10k then back down to 7k then up to 30k. I got to the “searching for server” screen about 30 times where it ping ponged back and forth between “searching” to “cannot find - retrying” then thrown back into a numbered queue. Its pretty frustrating.

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Will Blizzard compensate their fan base for this horrible experience?


This is what i wanna know