Havana and Numbani need reworks ASAP

Pain points - 1st and 3rd point on Havana can go die. If there’s any map that shows that Widowmaker is unbalanced as hell, it’s this one

also Numbani first point on attack :slight_smile:

Another map that I have no idea how it’s made it this far is Circuit Royale. Probably the most egregiously infuriating sniper map they’ve ever added



That’s all I have to add.


Agree Havana and Royale need serious work to be less sniper paradise.

Don’t have issues with Numbani myself. Lots of ways to approach 1st point and clear the high ground of defenders.

I’m furiously trying to find something to disagree with in the OP. I am not having much luck.

I also don’t care for Numbani B that much if I’m honest. It’s a real hike back from spawn for the defenders. Numbani A’s horrible and deserves attention, don’t get me wrong, but B sucks too.


I’ve probably got multiple rage posts about Baptiste and Kiriko in the past

Havana is pain on first point. I never had a problem with that map until the last two seasons.

My suggestion is putting Widow in the shop. You can only unlock her “sometimes available in the shop”. :melting_face:

Given the junkertown changes. I think you’ll probably be getting what you wish over the next few seasons.

Wait for a season when then don’t have much new content and they go “ooo look, we’ve put a box in the road on Havana”

yayy two more lamp posts to LOS the widow ^.^

3rd point havannah is the worst attack point in all of OW. It takes a really dumb team on defense to not hold, the map design is so insanely skewed to favor defense. Total garbage.


You’ll get 1, and they’ll move the the petrol station. 2 feet to the right.

i actually try my hardest not to get tilted on havana 3rd but there’s always just a widow perched up on that stupid little spot that controls the whole sightline

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Tbh for numbani 1st point i would change the inclinaison of the floor.

Defense has already access to highground from multiple places.

But you also have to deal with the road going down even more x)

I would either lower highground or create another way to reach highground

An elevator in the corner outside the 2nd point attack spawn down that people rarely use would be nice.

I’d move that spawn do you be above the normal one, so you can go straight to the high ground out of spawn if needed.

People will be like “just don’t give her LoS” and the whole map just be LoS.

Snipers don’t belong in an arena shooter, never did.

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This is not an arena shooter. Besides, even if it were, the railgun has been an arena shooter staple for a long time lol. If it wasn’t widow that’s a problem, it’d be literally everyone else. Havana is genuinely a terribly designed map objectively even in a vacuum.


This is an arena shooter. I guess I have to edit my post because you did.

And in almost every single example, it’s been a power weapon. That’s because it’s OP.

But it is.

It’s not bad with snipers removed at all.

I like numbani. Havana can go the way of paris.

No. Quake is an arena shooter. This is nothing like quake. Game is far too slow and complex.

Unfortunately, arena shooters have been dead for years. I hate it too. They’re the best kind of shooter, but the industry kinda killed them in cold blood


They just evolved because the original recipe became stale. The reason they failed was because there was no real progression, and it was essentially boiled down to fragging just to frag. Overwatch just added objectives and abilities. This is what arena shooters look like now.

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No, if anything, this game takes more from Halo in terms of movement. The game is simply way too slow to be an arena shooter. Speed is a requirement to have the arena shooter mantle. If anything, what you’re talking about is more of the movement shooters that have been coming out on singleplayer