Has the Workshop been abandoned?

Workshop/custom games used to receive regular improvements and new features. Ever since OW2, it has been riddled with bugs and barely any updates. Has Blizzard abandoned the workshop?
I only play custom games so I really hope not…


With Workshops introduction, I quickly gained more time in Custom Games than any other single mode. After OW2, it definitely feels abandoned. Sure, we got the projectiles. But as nice of a feature it is, it still feels incomplete, and there were definitely other broken things that should have had priority.


Don’t open an almost old wound. :sob:


That still hurts to this day. I don’t know what happened to the workshop, the devs just let it be abandoned.

I still beg every day. at least one pathfinding that returns an array of positions.

I have a lot of ideas for PVE modes but getting the bots to move without crashing the server is impossible with the workshop :sob:

In fact, the amount of features and bug fixes that are missing is glaring.

I tried to discuss this with people on the elo hell discord, people there were absurdly rude to me, making fun of this situation.

I wish Blizzard was inspired by Halo Forge to make version 2.0 of the workshop. It would be one of the best additions to the game.


The worst part is not only has Halo actually managed to go through on their intitial promises with the Forge but also Team Fortress 2 managed to improve it’s own editor with a VScript version—

TF2 with that update alone managed to make their editor significantly simpler to work with, since it always was more powerful than the Workshop they can make vast changes now without needing insane amounts of inworld logic.

Depends on the implementation, what have you been using?
I may have made something that can relatively swiftly find across the entire Map with several unique units, only issue is that making path maps for it is pain since I’ve never really bothered to make a tool for that.

Plus wouldn’t want to build one since I don’t want to reinstall the game~
Also can’t recommend unless you’re willing to pay in script size for that~~~


Were you also able to get a glance on Epic’s UEFN, while you head off of Overwatch for a while? Whats your impression on it and how you’d compare it to the mentioned editors and the workshop here?

You don’t have to reinstall, you can try use geforcenow. But yes, i’ve tested lot of tools, including one https://workshop.codes/hp2dg this works, but editing nodes is painful, and its not well documented (i took almost one hour to create a one-way path), or even abandoned also i got many server crashings while editing the “pathmap”. I tried request help in official discord, but people seems to never used this.

Already been off of the game for a while…
And if you want hands on experience that’s not gonna happen.

The UI may be a little overwhelming at first but given it’s not just a tack on “protect the user from themself” kind of software pretty good.

Documentation also looks pretty strong making it significantly easier to get into.

Overwatch is just in a league of it's own as the Workshop isn't the tool to make your own game, it's just a tool to make a game in an existing game.

For what it does it is Ok, though it can be an annoyance at times.
It just isn’t the tool to make your own Overwatch,
it only makes it “Quirky Overwatch”.

The Workshop would need a significant update to even make this a fair comparison with any of these Editors.

The only up it has is Ease of Use for someone who doesn’t know how to code.

Comes from the custom GUI.
Unless it does by default or you’ve tried already you can attempt reducing the game speed through slow motion.

Doesn’t fix the bad editing process but would still be significantly easier to work with than what I had for mine as I never intended to release it, unless you happen to enjoy working in Workshop / Notepad mix.
Never really made any in-game remove stuff as I did that manually for the most part.

One that’s been posted on the Forums by Shanalotte, though I can already tell you if you plan something big this’ll have the Bots take their sweet time to even start walking.
It works as is, but is a little dated in how it achieves that state.
**Assuming the setup isn’t too large already, then it’ll also crash as it runs waitless.

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we don’t even want to create our own games. We just want to create our own Overwatch modes, and even simple things like turning off the heal passive is not doable anymore…

  • Also interact with navmesh (Get list of vectors of safe path between two positions)

  • Track spawned hitscan/homing projectiles spawned with Create ... Projectile

  • Local variables inside rules (specially to be used in temporary vars for For loops)

  • Add For Each(Array) that is same as Forexcept it does not need provide an index, you interact directly with Loop Body innermost iterated value (Current item) Loop Index innermost loop index.

  • Allow starting parallel async subroutines (eg, calling two subroutines asynchronously) or even better. Allow create custom functions will act as subroutine but allow define params and return type and we can call that custom function anywhere. The function will have its own variable stack (maybe limitex to max 8 or 16 local variables)

rule("Function: Count Number of Players")
        Local.myTeam = Get Function Parameter(0);
        For(Local.myIndex, 0, Count Of(Number Of Slots(Local.myTeam))
            If(Has Spawned(Players In Slot(Local.myTeam, Local.myIndex)))
                Local.myResult += 1;

        Return(Local.myResult); // return with value or just Return; when function does not return an value and will procude "Null" if its a void function.

using in conditions

GetNumOfPlayers(Team 1) == 0
  • Function does not have an escope, depends where its called, if its inside damage event. Attacker/Victim values will produce an value or else will return Null (if not in an damage event)

about 2 years ago i made a pretty simple node tool, it doesn’t have one way nodes but it does have jump/staircases. the pathfinder is a separate code but both can be found on my workshop.codes account under ‘spiderman31807’.

https://workshop.codes/c/sja5r3 (AI tools Collection on workshop.codes)

i’ve been using it for all my individual ai, as well as my Universal AI’s and most issues have been fixed (i think), my github also contains pre-built navmeshs for a lot of maps and at least 1 map per mode.

having 11 AI does crash a lot but 5 is fine, also this is based off a AI mode that can play any hero and is quite complex.

tbh i haven’t bothered renewing my codes lately as i have a lot of them, but every code i upload has a code snippet so if its expired it shouldn’t matter.

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Looks interesting, i’ve noticed already have an King’s Row too :smiley: i will start making some tests later.