Hardest Character To Animate?

My money’s on bastion because of all the transformations, or maybe doomfist


Good point, looking back at Winston ulting he does change shape quite a lot.

Now that i think about it bastion might had been really hard transforming robot with tons of tiny pieces.

oh right. even his sentry to turret mode must have been hard

Mark Zuckerburg by far. Still, I’ll give them props for attempting to make him life-like.


just thought of that as you posted. :slight_smile:

I asked our Lead Animator, Ryan Denniston, this question when I saw your post.

He told me Winston is the most difficult character to animate. He walks on all fours and has to carry his gun (which is awkward) like a suitcase. We always make sure that hero’s guns are aimed correctly, so keeping the gun orientation presents additional challenges. Also, the transform is very challenging from a technical standpoint and puts a lot of constraints on the animators and character modelers.


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I thought it would be bastion…


That makes a lot of sense actually.


Really? I’d honestly have expected Bastion to be the hardest because of its tranformative abilities (Recon to Sentry, Sentry to Recon, Recon to Tank, Sentry to Tank).

Nonetheless, all the animations turned out really nice.


I’ve seen someone animate each hero in everyone else’s highlight intros and dances. They always get weird right around the Winston part.

Wait! quick question
Will playable NPC characters such as talon heavy be available in custom games?
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I would have to agree.

I’ve ran into you on YouTube and now here. What is this?

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I feel Like Orisa might be ina similar boat… not as hard as Winston, but she does seem difficult and all.

I’m everywhere to be honest

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Nice! I never thought about Winston honestly.

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Can you fix Moira then?


I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s noticed this!

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Can’t be friendly and heal, apparently.

Lord Jeff has spoken :pray:t3:

This begs the question, which one is the easiest? :thinking: