Happy Thanksgiving Overwatch Forums

Get a live stream of Aaron roasting a Turkey?

Also, have a glorious Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the team!

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Happy thanksgiving and hope you and your family have a great time.

Please don’t check these forums - we will survive and family time is so much more important!

Get yourself a smoker if you don’t already have one!

Happy Thanksgiving to your family and the OW team, Andy. Thank you for being the blessing we needed this year.

So basically insulting it?

dont worry we are use to it, since yall already have been for 2 years


Happy early Thanksgiving andy and remember

Turkey with bbq sauce is a viable combination

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You mean YOU will silent. Everyone else already is.


Thank you for checking in. this is seriously like a parent leaving a note, way better than disappearing without a word :slight_smile: we will make sure no one burns the house down while the adults are away haha.

You guys have been resting for more than two years. In fact, the vast majority of the work, unfortunately, is not done in the best way. Maybe i just got bored with the game, but it certainly could have represented something better. And of course thank you for everything you did, but it is what it is

Have fun, bruj. Also I was like number 69. :sweat_drops::turkey::sweat_drops: