Hanzo Still an Issue

Fan the bow (Storm arrows) needs nerf and a tweek to his mobility imo.

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1: Hanzo is fine as is. After the last round of nerfs he feels fair compared to other top tier dps. if you look at his gm winrate and pickrate his not a mustpick or uncounterable.
2: being good at hanzo is more than just spam.
3: Being better than reaper isnt an accomplishment thats more on reaper than on hanzo. I would argue than mie, junk, & pharah are better tank counters than reaper is.

There’s a bit of a difference when talking about GM and others. Also, statistics aren’t the most reliable thing to go off of because it doesn’t show how the character feels while in game. It also doesn’t mean that “he is fine”.

Hanzo should have a reload time after some shots, like widow. Also, they need to decide what range he’s supposed to be played at and reduce the damage on his shots on other ranges. Say he’s mid range, than reduce by 20% his damage at close and long ranges. He’s just too good at everything, he outclasses every other dps choice.

Lunge should have never been added. I say that if any sniper gets in close enough that Reinhardt can hit them with his hammer, he deserves the death. This “Get out of fail free” card bs needs to go.