Hanzo Still an Issue

Why is he allowed to still have Storm Arrow when it has better tank busting than Reaper himself?
He has incredible vertical mobility and with lunge, he has a reliable escape card.

I know there are a lot of other issues but I’m still very sore about the fact that Zarya and Damage Boosting abilities were nerfed because Dragonstrike worked too well with Graviton when they could have nerfed the issue itself which was Hanzo getting his ultimate as fast as Junkrat with the same spam that people hate the latter for.


Hanzo’s burst is laughable when compared to new Torb’s if I am being honest. Getting 3 clipped in under a second as Roadhog is so jarring, I am often at a loss for words. Sorry to derail your thread a tad. Hanzo is a beast on his own for sure.


I’m still of the mindset that he is overpowered, just not able to counter the current GOATs meta.

When GOATs isn’t dominant, he’ll be back. Still stupid hard to take him out at any range unless you are a Widow firing at him from long range. He’s too good up-close and mid-range. They eliminated too many of his weaknesses.

That 1 second lunge cooldown nerf did incredibly little.


Hanzo is still a huge issue. His issue is = to or worse than doom. Something needs to be done. The devs had said nothing. Only reason why doom is worse is because hes so easy. Hanzo has a ulti on E called Fan the bow (Storm arrow).


He’s not an issue atm because he’s not a dominant hero in the meta like he was prior.

The meta has changed in such a way that he can’t reliably kill enemies (3 supports + 3 tanks is hard to kill as Hanzo) - so he’s not really meta atm.

Once GOATs is gone, I’d be surprised if he wasn’t prominent.


Reaper is not a tank buster. That’s just something the community has made up themselves and then complained he can’t do it very well. He can two shot squishy targets and one shot them in the head. Idk why people keep thinking tank buster. It’s not like he does more damage to them. Heck he’s horrible against sheilds as well, and being in the font line as well, that’s excalty where you don’t want to be with him. He can’t deal with tanks, can this community please stop labelling him as one. So he’s good against Roadhog, and that doesn’t mean he should be good againts them all.

Hanzo is rather annoying though.


You’re right, they haven’t explicitly stated that Reaper is a tank buster. but in that context, “Yeah we’re anticipating a heavy tank meta, so we’re buffing Mei and Reaper to help if this comes around”

Kinda seems they intend for him to be good against tanks.

As a Zarya main, this is the first time I’ve seen anyone other than myself say this on these forums.

People don’t care. Blizzard just do the same old method over and over. Release heroes clearly overtuned, who cares who it affects, who quits the game, what other heroes get nerfed and changed as a result, who cares. Let’s just keep on releasing overtuned numbers, wait for some cries, then we’ll show we care and nerf hammer!

As much as I’m against the above methods and it’s getting really annoying, I do like the Zarya changes that came about because now I stay stronger for longer and just have to be a little more accurate with my gravs because of the smaller size. At first I hated it, but since the changes, my Zarya k/d went from 4.11 to 4.32 so something is working.


They didn’t say anything because Hanzo doesn’t need to be touched, neither did Doomfist.

Reaper ain’t a tank buster

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He’s supposed to be, hence why the comparison is being made.

No because if he was he’d be shredding through squishes and tanks alike

He would be op

H e ’ s s u p p o s e d t o b e.

That’s the point of his design.

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Still no since he would be good against armor which he never was and what tanks have usually

Even back in his soul orb days he wasn’t a tank buster

Dude, the developers made Reaper with the intent to be a high Damage hero to shred multiple tank compositions, you can’t just say “no” lol that’s what they intended him to be.

In an interview with Geoff Goodman, he stated that Reaper is not fulfilling his original function and will be receiving changed to bring him in line with their vision of him.


Developers intention and reality are 2 different things I’m saying in the past and currently he ain’t a tank buster. Once he receives that rework sure we can give him that title but currently no

I have no words for what I just read…
You know what, have a good day.


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glad that im not the only one who still thinks this, i feel so useless picking Mccree when Hanzo has his kit but improved

Spam Arrows is really the only thing that needs a nerf in this Game it is way to strong and whit a damage boost + Zenyatta Orb he instant can destroys tanks even in Close range

Spam Arrows ( and maybe OWL ) is the most stupid thing ever happend to Overwatch