Hanzo breaks Orisa

Welcome to Brigittewatch where nothing ever dies outside of Ults and Hanzo’s charges faster than anything else in the game now. I’m not surprised in the slightest that people are getting it twice in a teamfight now given what an extended war of attrition they are.

it does like 20 more damage to shields than scatter did

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Ever since storm arrow dropped, people are coming out of the wood work saying “well duh, hanzo is a tank breaker”, and like the comment I’m replying to, I ask:

Since when? Sure, he may have inadvertently filled that role with scatter shot, but I dont think the purpose of his recent rework was to solidify that role and double down on it.

I think storm arrow could do without crit, kinda like how they removed soldiers ability to crit for his ult. That’s just a suggestion though.

Didnt they nerf 76 back in the day because he was too good at destroying barriers?

If you fire a full charge regular arrow and immediately shift into Storm you can do a bit under 700 damage. Orisa shield has 900. So he’s only breaking with help.

Beyond all that. Are you… Are you playing Orisa right behind her shield? Because that’s NOT a smart idea unless the space forces you. Put the shield up front for everyone’s use but you should be in back similar to where you’d put a Bastion. You are essentially a weaker Bastion Turret. There’s a reason you can fire your shield somewhere other than on you.

To use Hollywood as an example, I watch Orisa’s throw the shield around that first corner and stay right there. And they get melted.

Then I see good Orisa put the shield up front but then go behind the car in front of that building path on the right of the main entrance and use the building and that car as partial cover so they can fire and move without fully exposing themselves. Even when the shield breaks or isn’t in front of them they’re fine due to that cover.

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No other ability does this in the game. no other ability does more or less damage only to shields (besides melee damage).

There’s not a reason we should make the game even more complex by adding it.

Also, Hanzo can only do 480 damage to a shield. It’s not that much. Sure, it’s over half, but Orisa also gets a new shield every 9 seconds and hanzo gets to break only half of it every 8 seconds.


Scatter did 450 damage to shields. Storm arrow does 480 damage to shields. Your nerf has nothing to do with his shield breaking as well because you can’t crit shields.

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No, she isn’t.

Drama queen.

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Better than scatter imo.

This says it all.

Sure Storm can be nasty, but you know where it’s coming from and you can react if you’re quick enough.

You want to complain about Hanzo as an Orisa? Scatter one hit killed in any type of small area.

How old are you 6 months old xD

Hanzo rework was a month ago at most. How you get 6 ?_?

He oneshotted her before with scatter. Hes objectively worse in this match up than he was before.

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hes meant to be everything at this point tho

according to majority of hanzo mains

he is a ‘‘skilled hero’’ so why weaken him?

logic from hanzo mains

Seriously, why is he such a danger to Orisa specifically? Scatter is gone, no more one shots.

As for StormArrow vs Shield. Bastion and others have always been able to melt a shield, one extra character being able to unleash heavy damage. Damage that can be averted with coherent skill use. (IE You drop Shield, he hammers it, it gets broken, you take cover or fortify for a few seconds and put a new shield up.)


Since when? Ever since the game was released he was supposed to be a projectile sniper who could hit hidden targets with scatter arrow. Scatter being broken all to hell was a different issue entirely, and all it needed was to be toned down or replaced, not have the hero reworked in a hard DPS brawler with flanker mobility and sniper damage. Being able to kill Orisa from full health even with Fortify active in the span of a second is absolutely ridiculous.

Hanzo’s ultimate charge rate needs nerfing that’s for sure, then perhaps look at storm arrows. He gets his ultimate way too often, I’ve seen it near to twice a minute and often twice in the same fight.

Because orisa body is huge, crit box is huge and shield not being on cooldown is rare.

Hanzo can literally climb up, lunge aim down and storm arrow and kill orisa even if she pops fortify by the second hit.

Its really dumb, I’ve had hanzo literally just want and lunge towards me with Storm arrow active because 9 times out of time they are going to kill me before I kill them which is just plain silly.