Had a game where Junkrat get his ult in 12 seconds


Don’t you all love skill


He doesn’t even need damage boost

With 1.66 shots per second and 120 damage per dirrct hit meaning 9% charge per hit, and a 1.5 second reload.

In 3 seconds he can empty his entire clip for 45% charge.
7.5 seconds? 90%
In 11 seconds he can get full charge by simply getting all direct hits.

I did the math.


Really good Junkrat player then. Hitting 10 shots in 11 seconds and then a mine or two (falloff, of course) is really hard unless the enemy team is really stupid.


Your team was bad and kept walking into a camped door. Every spawn has multiple exits. You and your team should stop being bad after the first person died to bombs. Or one Rienhardt.

Again, his ult charge is on the high end of middling. Stop blaming balance on your bad play




It’s adorable you think that means anything

Oh look, he disappears at plat


So, Junkrat is fair, balanced and require skill to get something out of it?


He is fine at least, and only lowbies complain about him. Jeff’s list proves it


What’s your rank?,


Comp is toxic garbage, I’vr ignored it for 5 seasons now.

Just showing you real stats from Jeff, so give up your huffing and puffing


I’m not seeing a problem here. :wink:


Pretty much called knowing where your 6 other people are coming from instantly, aka the spawn door. Works on certain map like in Hanamura to my knowledge. This is why I generally wait like 1 or 2 seconds before going outside of the main door, just to be sure there isn’t such a thing being done lol.

If it’s not a spawn camp, there are plenty of other heroes that can get their ult in around that time range or so if executed properly.

Else just use the other doors next time.


'Cause people are still stupid and die to scatter, symmetra turrets and junkrat trap + mine and nade spam just out of the spawn at the beginning and refuse to go a different way. They deserve it more than everything


I’m so happy that in Masters and higher ranks people don’t complain AND don’t pick Junkrat, oh wait, he is the 11th picked hero over all ranks, he obvs don’t need a ult charge nerf, nah h


Plat and higher

11th is pretty average.

They have bigger issues right now


His counter is WSAD.

If you are stepping into his grenades you have other problems than him getting his ultimate quickly.

Be aware of your surroundings.


I mean if the situation lined up perfectly for junk, it can also happen for sym too you know.

Junk is fine.


I used to play Junkrat before the buff, I win In Nepal by just standing back in the highground door spamming at the point while a team fight, I kill 3 people, POTG.


Grats, he is winning in those low ranks, like the stats showed. Means nothing, besides that lower levels have less game sense


Those where highly unlikely to be all solo elims, probably 3 final blows.