Hacker aimbot Sparky Report on VoD! :)

Hello community! I have a VoD featuring a 100% toggled aimbot on the player named Sparky! @Blizzard if you could procede to a ban plz!
At the same time, OW community, feel free to watch the VoD to see what a real aimbot hack looks like :). Enjoy


Maybe he’s got a good gaming chair.


you mean one like PewDiePie? XD But Can you do THIS?


His hacks are good which makes it harder to notice in the replay after you die (unless like this dude you headshot 4 people in 3 seonds lol).

I think he is wall hacking as well, at times he has very bad crosshair placement almost like he is intentionally trying to not look like he can see through the wall, like looking at the corner of the stairwell when one of the two doors would be a normal place to look incase someone is there.

Blizzard doesn’t ban cheaters anymore. Me and 6 other people have reported someone blatantly aimbotting on Ana through their email yet he is still roaming around weeks later.
And that’s just one example.


What rank is this???

guessing silver or gold. That cheater has zero awareness.
Right now they are learning about the importance of positioning, teamwork and having some idea of what is happening in the game.

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This is realy hard to detect , but it shows in some moments like every time time he shoots and the bot is working he makes twitch movements with the crosshair, if the bot is not triggered he doesnt twitch anymore and of course cant hit anything

wow! Phantastic result! You’ve found a cheater in a game! Faster faster, create more useless topics at forums, breaking code of conduct of name shaming!
There is 60% cheaters in top500(confirmed by cheat developer), every third game above masters consists of cheaters at least on one side.


That 1/2 hr flank just to use a Mcree ult when he already has a flippin aimbot installed blew my mind.

Probably a bronze Mcree playing in Gold.

Same here. I send mail nothing happened.

Btw it doesnt matter anymore they already boosted their friends and main accounts as group. It is safer and cheaper than boosting services. Even is blizz ban them they got stuff.

I just played with a widow that has 56% crit rate lolz and that’s after several hours. So no, blizzard doesn’t do a damn thing to combat cheaters. AND this dude had his turned WAY up lol just didn’t give a crap hahaaha

I played against an 85% crit widow, with blatant wall tracking. When you report someone and see them around 2 weeks after…

I just never bother to report them anymore, because you know they won’t be banned. Its just become a meme to see, sadly the software is more readily available than ever before. Just face it OW will never spend the money required to combat cheating. For them it is a lot of expenditure for little return.

It’s b/c they are bleeding with this OWL crap that they are trying to sell people on. OWL is a waste of time b/c OW is NOT that great of a game to watch. It’s boring AF tbh especially with double shield meta that’s been going on for the last two years. So, no they won’t spend money on cheaters b/c nor do they give a crap if they are cheating up in GM/Top 500 or bronze.

I am kind of the opposite, I mean I do like OWL. But I won’t play the game anymore but I watch it on a secondary monitor while playing something else. But with all these heros bans I think it made OWL worse to watch at least, all we see now is a ‘ban meta’ - like mostly each team is still running a mirror match up against one another… just that mirror match changes from week to week. Or they go for their own take and basically get destroyed by the opponents 3-0 in a 0 contest match where one team is playing whatever they feel like and the other is playing the ban meta.

There are many people cheating in top 500 - But the software is created to go undetected and you will notice/see it at lower ranks more frequently than in top 500, given top 500 disguise it well as they configure it to emulate human behaviour and aim. But one of the main issues is purely the lack of response to reporting cheaters and seeing them in games a week later… But this comes down to the software being a lot more availlable than it once was. What was once priced at thousands is now obtainable for not a lot at all.

That said there are still a lot of genuine in top 500.

That’s fair. But I will never watch OWL again. Just seemed like a waste of time tbh with the mirror matches and shields and b.s. BUT I guess it is somewhat better than the same heroes over and over and over. WHo knows though. Regardless, they will never fix the cheat thing.

I know I am a minority but I kind of enjoyed watching the OW League and I still do (not as much as before, but I can’t say I don’t at all). I feel like the hero bans don’t really make thing unstale… it just makes people play heros that are the best for that weeks temporary scenario… which does not showcase how good a player is on a hero or the best team winning per se. Since what they should play is out of their hands. IE there are probably people in top 500 who are actually mechanically better at that individual hero, IE some Torbs in top 500 were likely better than some we saw this weekend and I wouldn’t say an automatic turret killing a hero is enjoyable to watch at all. But the hero is strong in the meta even if they are not the greatest Torb so they are forced into the pick. I also hate how they have muted the general chat in games now for the most part, I feel it detracts soo much from players personalities and antics. But I mean it is free and it is something to watch so I can’t complain massively.

You’re right though, the real issue is cheaters and the growing frequency you encounter them, while how long they exist without actioin taken against them.

I gave up, this is me now, two gaming comps… plays Nintendo Switch haha.


Good luck sir :+1:

it’s low diamond. true he has 0 awareness, but with auto aim he got so far