Hack should NOT Disable Passives


people should be banned for creating trash threads. Your topic was discussed multiple times in other sombra-threads. You are too lazy to use search button, don’t you?


6 seconds actually. And believe me, it feels like ages in such a fast paced game.


I don’t need to believe you. I have dozens of hours on lucio across my accounts and old hack wasn’t even a slap on the wrist.


yeah for the all ranked seasons and these sombra’s changes are really new


Genji is already the most annoying thing to deal with, would be nice to finally have someone make him think twice about going in for a free E. Pharah, nothing needs to be said that she needs a real counter.


No, those stats are only from this season.



Pharah already has three hard counters, though


Um no offence but when every god-tier / pro player who is asked says that Sombra is gonna the most broken character ever you should usually listen to them.


You are complaining about Passives? Only 3 heroes were decently affected by new hack. Just stop already


“hard counters” do not get 2 shot by the hero you’re countering. Interesting though eh? Imagine if Winston could kill Reaper in 2 seconds, wouldn’t that be something?


Oh look, a genji main, finally getting hard-countered.


Oh im sry didn’t notice that but wait still before having a strong opinion about her balance at all I just want her hack cast time reverted on console because nobody can react that fast


Im so sick of people crying about Sombra, and acting like Sombra is a must pick or something just adapt and stop complaining I hoop blizzard don’t do the mistake and listen to this people…


She doesn’t get the chance to if your McCree/Soldier/Widow is pressuring her like they should be


Haha, you must not have seen good Pharah players. They know this little thing, called closing gap with shift+E, or even flying close to cover. It works really well!


I find it funny that it’s always Sombra mains saying she doesn’t need a nerf. Surely there’s no bias in play here.


what about you get your own opinion? no one play in the situation of someone in OWL, and stop calling this guys god-tier, they are really good ad the game im not even close to that but theng they are just some guys playing video games 8+ hours a day


Not just Sombra. I’m sick that every time a hero gets buffs or a new hero gets released, people don’t even try and adapt. So annoying that not even an hour after a patch there are “REEEEEEE x = OPAF” posts.


I’m not a Sombra main, and I agree that she is fine.


One pro playing starts complaining and the whole community jumps to a conclusion. is so OP, then you ask why? total silent OP OP OP OP OP for no reason