Guys... we NEED to find a solution to Mercy ASAP

So… after reading Titaniums post:

… and after reading a lot of comments in there, I get the feeling that people just dont want Valk for the ult. People seem to want Mass Res as the ult.

However, the devs don’t seem to want to give Mass Res back. Personally I think that Res 100% NEEDS TO BE TIED TO ULT. Now… I have already suggested putting Res behind Valk in this thread:

But… people don’t seem to like that either. I also happen to think that the idea of Pacify (although it sounds good) shouldn’t be created for Mercy when we already have everything we need, we just need to balance it.

I think Overwatch needs more Supports and I hate giving new abilities that the game could use on other new heroes to Mercy just because she has been a balance nightmare.

IMO, Mercy has everything she needs to be a balanced hero, we just have to find a way to do that.

There was a cool idea in Titaniums post that started to make me think maybe we can have a version of Mass Res back, that isn’t exactly a Revert either.

Now… I know this isn’t an entirely new concept but… here we go again:

Mercy - Version #: I lost count

Caduceus Staff

  • I think the 50HPS should stay instead of 60HPS. I am still healing 40%-48% of teams damage as a solo healing Mercy since 50HPS went live. 50HPS is totally fine guys. Chill.

Caduceus Blaster

  • Increase projectile speed to 45 (up from 40)

New Ability: Valkyrie (formerly Resurrect)

Valkyrie upgrades Mercy’s suit and weapons

  • Cooldown: 15 seconds (cooldown starts after Valk ends)
  • Duration: 6 seconds

Effects of activating Valkyrie:

  • Grants the ability to fly
  • Beam Range: increased to 23 meters (nerfed from live)
  • Healing: increased to 83 HPS (buffed from live)
  • Blaster Ammo: increased to 40
  • Guardian Angel Range: increased to 60 meters

Note: Valkyrie no longer grants AoE healing. Single target beams only and Valkyrie no longer changes self-regen

Ultimate Ability:


  • Ult line: Heroes Never Die! (ult line activates at the start of Res cast time)
  • Single target Res
  • Cast time : 1.65 seconds (down from 1.75)
  • Range: 6.5 meters (up from 5)
  • Move. Speed: Reduced by 45% (down from 75%)
  • Once the cast is complete and target is resurrected, Mercy instantly applies a map wide heal to all living allies, including herself, to max HP regardless of LoS

Ult cost would be about the same as it is on live

Note: Res does not grant invulnerability to Mercy

Inspiration from:

I think this is a very fair way to “rework” and “revert” Mercy so she can still have a lesser version of “Mass Res”. The difference here is that you want to “Mass Res” before everyone dies, potentially saving everyones life in the middle of a fight.


Well, you’ve adjusted some numbers, but when it comes to basic function this is the rework idea I’ve been pushing for a long time. So I guess I have to like your post now or something.

Some comments for you:

  • 60 hp/sec healing is required for Mercy to keep her allies alive during combat. The nerf brought her below the breaking point and now people consistently die while Mercy is healing them where they clearly wouldn’t before. It feels awful. It takes her too long to heal tanks in particular. She needs her healing back.
  • Passive buffs to her Blaster are welcome, but unnecessary.
  • Valkyrie should not affect Blaster ammo. Instead, it should increase her fire rate by 33% with a duration of 3 seconds and turn on her self-healing for that time. With the increased fire rate, 3 seconds is exactly how much time it takes to empty a magazine. This would allow Mercy to use her cooldown either to support her team, or to actually have a fighting chance of winning a duel, but not to kill tanks without reloading.
  • All other aspects of Valkyrie except the duration and pistol changes should remain the same as they are in the current patch. Mercy doesn’t need burst healing because she has Resurrect. What she does need is the chain beams from Valkyrie to help her use it as a team fight engagement and mobility tool. The 3 second duration will keep Valkyrie in check.
  • Resurrect needs to be a team-wide ultimate that can Resurrect up to 5 people. Too many players misunderstand the value of Resurrect. It is not nearly as strong as it is frequently made out to be. It is wrong to compare the value of Resurrecting someone to the value of killing someone in Overwatch. Consider killing 5 people. If you do this, you have won the fight. If you Resurrect 5 people, you have only gotten another chance to win the fight. In order to be worthy of an ultimate, Mercy’s Resurrect needs to have its old 15 meter range multi-target effect back.
  • To balance Resurrect to make room for Valkyrie, it does need to be weaker. To do that, all you need to do is take the old Resurrect ult, remove invulnerability, add a 1 second cast time, and then add an area heal on cast time completion. I prefer 200hp, personally, but Titanium’s 150 would also work.

The opportunity to get a huge 5-man resurrect was Mercy’s only moment to really shine. With only these slight changes to the ability, hide-and-res is effectively denied as a viable strategy because 1 second is plenty of time for a whole team to kill Mercy while she is slowed during the cast time. However, by allowing Mercy to start her cast before allies are actually dead, a Mercy who is played well and most importantly played in the fight within the 15 meter range instead of hiding to fly in after the fact has an opportunity to make a huge play.

Single-target Resurrection needs to go away. Mercy’s old design was about sustained healing output with Resurrect as a last resort nuclear option, and that is where she needs to be again, with tweaks. It gave her a real incentive to be the last one standing on her team, and the constant anticipation of being there and being ready for the huge res is what made Mercy fun to play.


The 5 player res was unbalanced.

Being able to completely negate a team wipe and undo all the work being put into wiping the entire team to begin with is asking too much. Then you say, “Oh, well just run your own Mercy.”

And then you run into what we’ve already had, Mercy being a must pick, all the time, regardless. It’s unfair to the rest of the healing roster.

I don’t even play Mercy, and I understand this flawed concept.

The new spin on Resurrect would certainly be a nice ability, but as I said previously, you’d run into a situation where she is again, a must pick.


I hate the perpetuation of this… myth? Idea?

Whatever you call it:

5 player rez was such a complete rarity even among people with hundreds of hours of Mercy play, 2s and 3s were MUCH more common because they were easier and safer to guarantee.

EDIT: I’m not even arguing the core of the point of what you’re saying (though one ult in the whole game that had the capability to undo a wipe that a wide number of singular ults can cause seemed more than fair), but I just want to clarify how rare a 5 man rez actually was.


She was only a must pick when she was reworked and had rez turn into her e ability.


So I’m not saying “please remove res”, I really like res (though I liked it way more as an ultimate), but I’d kinda like opinions on a different implementation of it…

Keep it on E, but it can no longer be used on a dead ally. Instead, it has to be cast on a living ally, and then upon death, they will be revived. The effect lasts maybe 5 seconds with a 20 second cooldown (because you’re not guaranteed the res, and if enemies stop shooting, then they can avoid the res)


Replace res with an ability that acts like a Focus Sash (from Pokemon). It’s cast on an ally, and for the duration of the ability (probably also 4-5 seconds), the ally can’t drop below 1 hp. If a healer doesn’t tend to them, then they’re most likely going to die anyway after it ends, this is kinda a preemptive res…

Again, not saying I want these to replace res, just wanting opinions from the people that would actually be using them… I play Mercy some, but not a ton…

Bruh, that’s because lots of peeps have conflicting opinions on the issue. For all we know, the revert army is the minority outside of these forums. You’re not going to come to an agreement with everyone.

this would be true if old mercy was stronger then new mercy,which she is provably not

mass rez was not instant win. This is a myth.


It’d be worth a shot on the PTR but, I’m not sure it’d work that well.

I think you’d suffer from balance issues and annoyance issues at lower skill levels/casual play.

The downside to healing @ 50/s is that you can’t keep up with some of the damage in big fights. That downside is basically wiped if you can hit an ability that makes it so you heal at 83/s for six seconds out of every fifteen.

At lower skill levels res isn’t as valuable (the worse my team does the more reses I tend to get but, it doesn’t seem to help much most of the time) and hitting airborne targets is more rare which would potentially lead to the variant being more powerful rather than less in the base kit.

The ultimate’s got a fair amount of power but, I’m not sure if it will feel powerful to the user. (You may want to put a range/los limit on it as it might feel bad to have someone your fighting and almost killing get healed by something that’s nowhere near you that you can’t even see.) You’d also want to test it and make sure it’s not advantageous to tell heros to die so you can safely get a res and get a big heal off.

You’d possibly want to play games with Mercy’s stats or start showing more stats for the other healers as the total healing under those changes would likely jump and look overpowered regardless of if it was or not.

I press Q to wipe enemy team!
Mercy pressed Q to bring them back.
Doesn’t sound like that much work to me since that is mostly the interaction here.
Tho… let’s say team A wipes the other (Team B) without any ults used… if Mercy Rezzed, the other team should usually be able to do it again since they still have their ults.
If Team A Wipes them by using all their ults to win one teamfight, their bad ult management deserved to be Punished by having that “Hard work undone”

Granted… she was seen as a must pick when Zen and Lucio didn’t bring the needed amount of Heals after Ana got nerfed back in the day… Moira didn’t exist and Mercy was the only Main Healer that could survive dive meta.


They are a minority on these forums. Reddit doesn’t care, people in-game don’t really care… it’s just a giant echo chamber on these forums


It is not a team wipe if you let Mercy live…

Yeah, probably because she’s hiding. Lots of engaging gameplay right there.

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There’s a thing known as Ultimate Management.
If your team didn’t blow all of their ults into 1 team fight, Mass Resurrect is easily countered.

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Mercy’s kit in general, her healing, damage boost, passive healing, and her mobility to zip to targets already make her a strong pick. They would have to take away her res or make it ult only to make her balance enough for other support to be a good pick, just as much as she is.

We already found a solution : a revert.

Problem is : the devs won’t listen.


Do you guys not remember the whole “Die on point! DIe on point! Res is up!” gameplay? I do. I remember it quite vividly.

I remember our Mercy going in, ressing everyone, and then us end up wiping the floor with the enemy team, ultimately stalling and then beating them off the point after res. It made Mercy a must pick.

That is what Blizzard/OW is trying to do, they’re trying to remove a “Must pick” scenario on the healers.


As a man Mercy player with great sorrow i have to say this but Multi res Is not going happen again, we have to move on. In fact I think res needs to get deleted and replaced with a burst healing hability, revert the healing nerf and buff the gun. People expect too much from a healer and right now Mercy is not a good (or fun) option to play.

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Sorry but this is not going to happen as it was a unbalanced ult and would over extend matches turning it boring to watch OwL.

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Again. I like these ideas but NOT for Mercy. Each of those abilities is a new support hero.

Part of the problem with Res is that it is the only thing like it in the game. If there was a new hero that had the ability to apply a buff on someone like:

then all of a sudden, Mercy has competition.

I dont want a revert. I dont want Mass Res back. I dont know why people keep pushing for that.