Guangzhou Charge vs. Seoul Dynasty - FINAL

May Melee • Week 1


Guangzhou Charge
Seoul Dynasty
LP: 0 (0-1 -3)
LP: 0 (0-1 -2)

Final Score


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Alright, I’m here finally (I really need to fully quit drinking that juice my mother keeps buying me…like, I’m not 6 anymore, Mother, and the juice has some nasty…side effects).

My pick’em results (which I did not get a chance to edit prior to lock time today, again cos of the nasty…side effects…that I had to deal with this morning) says Seoul 3-1, so we’ll see if that holds up.

This game is turning into a rout…

Charge needs to change things up whatever they’re doing it’s not working

The Charge are looking lost, and now could be going home this week 0-2 with a -6 map differential if they don’t turn it around very soon…and by very soon, I mean NOW.


Busan (Control): Seoul Dynasty 2, Guangzhou Charge 0

King’s Row (Hybrid): Seoul Dynasty 4, Guangzhou Charge 3

MATCH SCORE: Seoul Dynasty 2, Guangzhou Charge 0

NEXT UP: HALFTIME, followed by the second half of Charge vs. Dynasty. The Seoul Dynasty are on MATCH POINT.

Damn that was ugly… I think Charge did much better with a mixed roster last year.

That was…a rout, to put it mildly.


Busan (Control): Seoul Dynasty 2, Guangzhou Charge 0.

King’s Row (Hybrid): Seoul Dynasty 4, Guangzhou Charge 3.

Havana (Escort): Seoul Dynasty 3, Guangzhou Charge 2.

FINAL SCORE: Seoul Dynasty 3, Guangzhou Charge 0


The Guangzhou Charge go 0-2 with a -6 map differential, while the Dynasty go 1-1 on the weekend with a 3-1 loss against the Fusion and a 3-0 rout of the Charge. Next up on deck, we have the Chengdu Hunters and the Shanghai Dragons.


That match isn’t for another hour/hour and a half at least, captain. Appreciate the enthusiasm for Philly, though!

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Next match, Hunters vs. Shanghai will be starting at this thread: