GreyFalcon appreciation thread ✅

Still waiting…

My head can’t fit in my own fanclub meeting room. How do I have room to appreciate anyone else?

But I kinda miss Icecell6. Best thing to happen to these forums. It’s been a month since he posted last. At ease, soldier.

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What ever happened to him? I miss his funny posts

I dunno. I think he might’ve been banned or suspended. Just disappeared. Last post was May 5th, but I think he still plays OW. Don’t know if he visits forums anymore…

I disagree with pretty much everything he’s ever said.


I could see him getting suspended. He basically spammed the tank rework everywhere. People where bound to flag him.

And spams it everywhere, including reddit, which usually gets down voted because his idea’s are typically horrible and don’t solve the problem they’re said to address in the first place.

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I appreciate the time and effort they put into their posts even though I don’t think I have agreed with any of their suggestions yet

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Thanks for putting this together.

I mostly started posting here when Roadhog got gutted, with his pickrate falling from about 5% down to about 0.1% in the space of a week. Then the devs just kinda left him that way for about 3 months.

I’m really happy with how Roadhog balance turned out eventually. But that’s probably because it’s almost identical to what I suggested :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the good work, I guess? As sad as it is, nothing changes without at least a little negativity thrown in.

That you are.

I figure I’m here because my goal is to fix the game. Also in a former life I was considering getting into the videogames industry, but decided against it. But I still got some passion for the career. (Enough to point at stuff in a fantasy football kind of way).

Thanks, I figure it makes me happy knowing people appreciate my ideas, even if somehow devs are capable of ignoring my titanic amount of forum posts.

Out of all of them, one of the ones I’m most happy with it is suggesting that they could patch the game a lot faster, if they just focused on changing variables, instead of full code patches.
And they even improved on the idea with Experimental Mode, instead of using Quickplay as a guinea pig.

Thanks, I think since the day they nerfed Sigma/Orisa down, and Rein got really strong, I was anticipating that that’s going to get stale in a few months. And started working on ways to fix that.

That’s the secret. I want all heroes to be at least “viable”, maybe not meta, but decent. Bastion/Sym are some of the last ones to fix. With Torb/Mei/Sombra still kinda being wonky.

He always kinda struck me as WALL-E, with PTSD, and a Chaingun.

Either a lot, or nothing, depending on whether devs are reading my ideas, or I’m just guessing exactly what they are going to do :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, either they are listening to me, or I’m extremely good at guessing :slight_smile:

Thanks bro. I think Overwatch is one of the best games ever created, and in another life I really wanted to work on videogames.
I figure there’s a certain art/skill to it.

I mean, either they have, or I’m downloading their thoughts :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall, I figure, unless you’re just here for a good time. It’s kind of a waste of time to NOT try to get the devs attention to change stuff.

People keep saying that, but I think the devs tend to balance somewhere closer to Plat/Diamond when they can. We’ve just had some hectic times with GOATs and DoubleBarrier.

Did you sleep?

I was mostly just curious what people’s honest posts would be without me looming over them :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure unless you’re my biggest fan, that you’ve only read a small fraction of my ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just focusing on whatever I figure is the biggest problem for the game at the time. Not really my fault this problem has been brewing for 6 months.

But at least devs now acknowledge that it’s the biggest problem this game has right now. Now I’m just kinda sitting around waiting for them to do something about it. But maybe they don’t do much until after the Valorant launch this upcoming Tuesday. (Or they do it on the same day)

Well, I still like that 1-3-2 idea, but it’s probably ahead of it’s time.

If anything, it’s feedback like what I got on that thread that makes me realize that more moderate changes to deal with queue times are probably for the best until OW2 launches.

But yeah, I do have a lot of bad ideas.
But the easiest way to have a lot of good ideas, is to have a lot of ideas in general.

Well, there’s a lot of ideas in the game now, that are almost exactly what I suggested, and chances are you like a couple of them :slight_smile:


I’m glad you see it that way. That is a pretty nice outlook to have.


Toast to the GOAtT forum user Greyfalcon!

Wait Chibi you like BAstion? :open_mouth: :thinking: :open_mouth:


That’s alright, you do deserve it. I’m kinda surprised no one else has done this thread lol.

I remember you saying how roadhog brought you to these forums. I don’t blame you, he was complete garbage for a while.

I hope so. Even though we argue a lot, I think you have some great ideas. I wish the devs actually tried as much as you do…

Go for it, dude. You certainly have the passion (That’s an understatement TBH).

It’s good you admit that. Most people on here think every one of their ideas are perfect and are not open to change.

I don’t agree with all his ideas but I respect the effort put into them.

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I think people get that idea about him, because he posts his ideas on each thread on the face of the earth. The way he proliferates his ideas around the forums at rapid pace, usually in threads with people discussing alternative ideas.

In an example: User A makes a thread about his idea to fix hero B, Greyfalcon responds with: “Cool, but here’s my idea to fix hero B” and links to his thread.

At least that’s how I see it.

I can’t actually tell if you’re joking or not.

(No I wasn’t at firsf but then i realized that you literally had a post about Bastion before so now i wanted to pretend that I wasjust joking to avoid to look stupid)

So Yeah i was just joking/messing with ya :grin:

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the problem is that too many of his ideas tend to be conditional modifiers or very surface level bandaids. Also he spams them in many topics
I don’t hate the guy, on the contrary, he’s one of the few here that can put on a decent argument on some topics instead of being a jaded biased dweller. I just wish he tried to allign his ideas with the philosophy of the devs so they can be changes a dev might actually implement

A post…

A… post…




Please kill me.

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