Got Banned for 5 mins from Que after joining back and WINNING

Tell me how this makes sense, I got dced I finally joined backed in the game and our team won, I probably lost SR and got banned for 5 mins. How does that make sense if you join back and win it shouldn’t penalize you at all.

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If your team wins before you reconnect you’re out of luck. Team did it without you so they get the win, you don’t.

Another way to think about it is, your team won despite you being an unreliable teammate. There is no reasonable way for the automated system to tell if you made a positive contribution to your team’s victory. But it can tell that your connection is unreliable and penalize you for that.

If your system is generally reliable, this one incident shouldn’t matter in the long run. If your system is consistently unreliable, you shouldn’t be playing competitive.


If you take more than 2 minutes to return to the match, you still take the penalty. Details can be found here:


No, I came back to the team and they won with me, still lost sr and got banned.

So why would anyone return then?

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I make an effort to return to help my team regardless of how long I was gone, because well… I am willing to do what I can to help others even if it means I am not rewarded for it.


IMO you should still get credit for a win on top of the leaver penalty. So your penalty for a loss as a leaver would be a flat -50, but your penalty for a win is about (-50 + 20 =) -30. That would motivate people to return and try to win.

But the cooldown should stay. DON’T PLAY COMPETITIVE IF YOU DC ON THE REGULAR :grinning:

Counting the kindness of people when it comes to OW competitive is a short path to frustration.


Well that is certainly the case if not everyone is going to be kind.

I mean hell, for a team game the playerbase is pretty damn selfish lol.

As someone who permanently quit CS:GO due to cheaters and griefers, I don’t think the OW player base is worse (or better) than any other mass multiplayer game.

But in all games good behavior should be encouraged, for example by having a returning player rewarded for a win (along with the bad behavior of leaving).


Well i did suggest something a while back that would result in the one who has left for longer than 2 minutes to not lose any SR when reconnecting if the team won.

If the team lost they would still get the standard penalty but without a timeout.

This still incentivizes the player to keep on playing so they don’t lose any SR so they might be able to make an active contribution.

Though of course it should be tweaked that it doesn’t happen every time.
Like if someone has 3 internet issues in the span of a week then this sytem should only work for the first 2 matches so people don’t make it harder for others and so they still get out of their way to fix the disconnection problem.

Though it seemed like the playerbase wasn’t much happy with it for some reason.

Any player who disconnects for a significant amount of time during a competitive match deserves a cooldown and there is no need to complicate this. Though its intuitive that returning and winning should be encouraged (though it shouldn’t erase the DC).

The system is already too generous to people who DC, a 10 min cooldown is practically nothing.

I think the problem is that even people that try to return under a minute are still suspended/banned. Re-entering a game sometimes doesn’t even work, you just automatically get suspended/banned when you try to re-enter after like 50 seconds.

The whole system is broken and Blizz literally doesn’t care. Hell, they can’t even shift seasons right now. They’re leaving OW1 out to pasture, clearly.

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This is not true. When a player DCs, a 2 minute timer starts. Once that timer is up, the player disconnected gets a suspension and any player can leave the game without one.

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I would argue against that sentiment, and that is because anyone, including you and me, is subject to a disconnection, crash, or power outage at any time. Most times it’s often a one-time issue that is easily identifiable and fixed. So by keeping the penalty small, players who are honest players who had a minor technical error don’t have to feel discouraged from trying to play again.

The trick is that suspension times quickly ramp up if there is a persistent technical issue that the player is ignoring or they are deliberately leaving games compulsively. It takes as few as 5 leaver violations to trigger a season ban.

There are reasons why sometimes a player cannot return within two minutes. Either they disconnected when the game started and they failed to contribute to the match (dealing damage or providing healing), so the match will cancel automatically. All other players will be returned to requeue for a new match (and will be granted priority requeue).

The other reason is that the match ended under normal conditions without that player being present. Remember the match does not pause for any reason.

Furthermore, a player should be able to reconnect even after two minutes, though they will still take the penalty. This is if they are willing to help their team regardless of their own outcome.

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Why isn’t there a warning system in place about a season ban? I had to figure that on my own and it wasn’t until after my season ban I got a warning in the chat box for leaving matches early?

My point was that if you come back and your team wins, you should lose sr, I get there should be a penalty. But IMO its dumb to penalize someone when they come back and win the game, even with being gone for 2 plus mins.

Sorry, this isn’t true at all.

I can’t even count how many times over the years I’ve tried to return to a game mid-session (literally a 50%ish point between both sides) under 2 minutes, and been auto-suspended for between 17 minutes to 59 minutes.

Defend it all you want, Blizzard literally doesn’t care that the auto-suspend/ban system is wonky as hell.

And to add more to it, it’s hilarious that Blizz keeps this kind of system as it is in play. It drives people away from wanting to play Overwatch.

I guess you have to kill the original version of your game to make way for the sequel?