Good news, cheaters cant ruin your SR anymore

For all those unaware this will now heavily discourage boosting and cheating, since both will now just get nullified on account discovery. A good and welcome change.

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Oh wow, I might actually start playing comp now.


What kind of cheats are they able to detect though? Aimhack? Wallhack? Movementbot (if there is such a thing. I’ve seen it in LoL)?

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They wont ever give out details about this, so cheaters cant circumvent it.


Pretty much any that directly interferes with the game client.

The “movement bot”, is just a script. But i am unaware of any changes were made to the detection system, just that the matches affected are now no longer affected if the person is banned.

Ok cool, so Blizzard lied to me when they told me they have no way to adjust my SR when i provided them evidence my team was throwing? Thanks Blizzard


It’ll be interesting to see exactly what constitutes “cheating”, like boosting, xim usage, throwing, and if more unfair/unsportsmanlike conduct and less cold hard manipulation of game performance will be included.

Even if they aren’t that’s still a huge positive step in punishing cheating while being fair to those who were subjected to a manipulated match up regardless of win or lose.
Genuine gg Blizz, you earned it this time.

It’s exactly that.

Wyoming gets confounded all the time as a Blizzard employee, but he is just a normal player that gives good tech advice.

Out of interest, did you notice the cheater or did they fly under your radar until this message popped up?


Eh, I hope this is for program based stuff. I do not want games canceled just because there is a smurf or something.

So will this also apply for people who played with him and won?

Is this a joke? You actually contacted Customer Support and asked for SR back?


why don’t they document stuff like this?

in the end, I guess it’s okay, but I grew up in an era when a booklet came with my Nintendo game :sob:

How do they detect boosting? Manual observation?

That’s a welcome change, really. Anything to keep cheaters away from the game and to keep the people suffering / benefiting at the hands of cheaters in proper places is good.

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I’m slightly tempted to rejoin comp now :+1:

At least one problem is down.

I think they mean you can’t queue with a friend using hacks and gain sr from that because the whole match will close.


Oh i see. Thanks for the explanation.

in high elo, the playerbase is small so its not uncommon for them to meet friendly face on the other team.

In any elo, you can make a new accounts and trade win, leaver penalty and ban from comp don’t matter. Yes, they won’t be able to exploit too often, but they can still do it from time to time.

No problem.

It’s a welcome change. You don’t get punished because of a cheater on the enemy team wrecking your comp experience and people don’t get boosted in the crossfire.