Gold support (NA) looking 4 sweaty, but encouraging, team

Hello, I have over 200-300+ hours as support now. I have been solo queue the entire time. I am super competitive, and want to improve and continue ranking, but I also do not want teammates whom are toxic. I also need teammates that can also admit their own mistakes so we can grow together. Please do not add me if you’re about relaxation and fun – I respect that, but it’s not how my brain is hardwired. If we lose, I am 100% okay with that, but lets figure out why and how we can improve.

I am at a point where it is hard to play solo because I need to learn new support, and to be honest, some teammates die so fast I can’t measure my progress.

I mostly played Moira, and usually out-heal the lobby. My second is Kiriko which I feel VERY comfortable with (would be my main with a more reliable team but solo queue doesn’t allow that). My third is Lucio which I prefer speed and aggressiveness. I am now improving my Ana skills, which is taking some time and I need to practice this for sure with Nano management.