Gm Symmetra in Season 20 review

What happens in GM is pointless to most of us.

No it’s not, as that’s what the game is being balanced around.

The ramp up from level one is the main part, here. Most heroes — especially most DPS — can immediately apply their highest possible damage at the start of an engagement. Those that can’t get there significantly faster than Symm or have a benefit to the time it takes (like Zarya, who protects others while ramping up her damage).

Turrets need some kind of improvement. I doubt we’ll see a straight damage or health adjustment on them, especially as a buff, but there are a lot of options that could make them slightly more viable:

  1. Let them beam while in the air
  2. Let them attach to/ hover around allies like Zen orbs
  3. Let them project shields where airborn & give them more in-flight health
  4. Give Symm more and lower their damage so that she can use them as scouting emplacements
  5. Have turrets reveal enemy locations to teammates, or at least show teammates that they’re active as they do Symm
  6. Etc.

I used to be against it, but they could honestly trying buffing Symm’s HP to 250 as they almost did with McCree. She “needs” it more than he does, since she’s intended to engage at close range and has no stun.
Alternately, I think it would be neat if using the teleporter bestowed temporary shield health on the users — perhaps only 25 or 50; and if necessary, it could drain it from the Teleporter’s own shield health total. This would make “diving” with Symm slightly more safe and effective.

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Yea it is. What people in GM can do is out of the range of our abilities, otherwise we would all be GM

It isn’t only balanced around GM.

See: Reaper getting nerfed

Um, Reaper was everywhere in Gm… In fact he’s still not uncommon.

Do you have any stats to back that up?

Because according to overbuff he’s the 3rd least picked character in GM. His pick-rate goes down as the rank goes up.

I take overbuff with a grain of salt myself, but I think it’s worth mentioning anyways. It’s also more than just stating an opinion, which is what you did.

I meant before his nerfs… Duh

Also, he’s a character everyone can whip out and do, they may not play him the entire match, but people swap to him all the time, however brief

So when he was blatantly OP? Yea everyone used him then, but the higher ranks could deal with him. He was unstoppable in lower ranks. That’s the point.

And even if you’re right that he wasn’t nerfed because of lower ranks, which isn’t true, you’re still not right when you contradict my point that the game isn’t only balanced around GM.

Show how the game is only balanced around GM.

Another example is Torb being nerfed when he wasn’t played in higher ranks

Sym has never been OP at lower levels, thats a myth.

Her mere design as a close range squishy means that she never will, because unlike Reaper she doesnt get instant burst, a teamkill ult or layers of survivability. Reaper gets to get in and sustain through splash damage and wraith through any kind of burst. Sym doesnt get such failproofs OR instant gratification damage, and that is what always made her an unpopular pick in lower ranks. In fact from experience I can say that Sym gets away more with beam damage that with sentry damage in lower ranks - because people dont instantly blow her up at that range.

Not even turrets are really any stronger on lower levels that on higher levels.

Sym 3.0 at her strongest was at best a B tier hero. She still had 200hp and a bunch of delays with no survivability, and the only way she could work is by making her team pocket her.

You didn’t even read my post, did you? I was talking about Reaper.

Hey, you’re allowed to be wrong. It’s okay

She had a lock-on beam that did insane damage with a small hurt-box. 2.0 was overpowered in lower ranks. Sorry man.

Now I know you’re either trolling or just talking about something you have no idea about.

All turrets are more effective at lower ranks than higher ranks. That’s just a simple fact.

Sorry I read she.

Its factual, unlike Reaper who has insane winrate and pickrate at low tiers, Sym is a sub-1% pickrate hero with strong winrate only because the few people that play Sym know what they are doing. Her damage is at best on the middle pack, and her kda is mediocre at best.

Her lock-on beam never had insane damage - it only did 120 dps with no headshot damage, which is pretty bad for a melee and inmobile glass canon.

Sym in general is more effective as you climb ranks, unlike reaper who gets insane average damage as you go on. Since 3.0, Sym high end plays all involve sentrybombs with TP, because its the only reliable and safe way Sym has to kill people. Trying to use her beam while unpocketed above gold is suicide, and after the nerfs simply not worth it.

Her beam is what becomes less effective as you climb, just like when it was lock-on. Its punishing conditions arent worth going through just for that mediocre damage. Sym simply isnt designed to sustain at close range for her beam to scale, and that is a fact since 3.0.

The only thing that gets worse as you climb is her pickrate, but thats because it becomes harder to derive value from Sym as you climb, not for her damage (which gets better as you climb but is still awful), but for her TP cheese that people become more savvy to as you climb.

Once Sym doesnt have a surprise team TP gimmick factor is a worthless pick hardly useful for anything, and as you climb her TP cheese viability goes down and down until you end up with a 0.2% pickrate at grandmaster.

Anyways this might come as an unpopular opinion but at this point it should be clear that Sym 2.0 was never a ‘‘braindead’’ hero. Lock-on primary never made her ‘‘easy’’, because she still had to go through a bunch of punishing positionement requirements and was extremely unforgiving to play as. Lock-on primary was the compensation for having neither safety in range OR safety in layered survivability as a close range hero.

Sentries are the same way, just because you dont have to directly aim their damage doesnt mean they are ‘‘brainless mechanic holding her back’’, when TP sentrybombs, as much as I dislike them, are the only thing keeping Sym as a viable DPS hero, as the rest of her damage is a joke, and DO take quite a lot of decision making to use properly and maximize their use. Their cooldown and squishiness mean that you can just brainlessly spam them into a choke or an enemy team like Hanzo arrows.

If Sym spends all her turrets and doesnt kill someone she stop beings a dps hero for 45s.

Sentries were nerfed with zero compensation while team TP gimmick cheese is the only thing that has remained intact on her kit. It should be clear by now that sentries are not ‘‘holding Sym back’’.

Its basic skill team TP. She is being balanced around being the enabler of 6 man flanks that only work against bad players.

No, my point was he was played all the time, then got nerfed… And you used him as an example of how they don’t balance around high ranks BECAUSE of his nerf, when he was literally meta in gm…

You’re clearly not understanding the points I’m making and what I’m saying. I’ll see you later.