Glitchy Input or Network Issues?

Hello. I wanted to play some Overwatch today. In order to take part in the winter event, but while warming up in some deathmatches, I noticed an issue. I was playing as Rein and he would sometimes move in unexpected ways. Sometimes this was as simple as moving in a different direction than any of the movement keys I had held down. Later on in the practice range he actually floated off the edge. He also will sometimes do an extra half swing of his hammer after I try to do a single swing.

I have tried updating my drivers, toggling high precision mouse input, restarting my PC, running a scan and repair on OW, and resetting my network settings.

I did some tests in TF2 and I had no issues like this, so I doubt it is an issue with my keyboard. I also checked my internet but it seems to be running smoothly.

I have gotten Overwatch’s red connection icon and both orange icons on the left side of my screen at different times during this testing process. The NetGraph shows that the CMDQ is acting up at times when strange stuff happens. There are also a lot of times when orange bars go across the NetGraph, and I know this related to one of the orange connection icons.

I would appreciate any help I can get in fixing this issue, especially because of the limited amount of time to participate in the event. It is very hard to get my 9 wins in while I am unable to properly control my hero.

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I am having the same issues. The matches start that way for the first few minutes and then is finally smooth. I am using the most up-to-date Nvidia drivers and Window update.

Orange bars are packet loss/long delays in receiving data. Please make sure to include the WinMTR test that captures the issue happening. Review the instructions at the top of the forum:

So I know this sounds dumb, but I had put off trying resetting the router because I have to ask someone else to do that for me. Apparently my ping was really high in Overwatch specifically for some reason, and the reset seems to have fixed it. I don’t know why this was only effecting Overwatch and not my other games, but I’m glad to have fixed it. Thank you and sorry for the trouble.