Give us avoid player already

Like literally, right now, add it in


The feature goes live on April 10



Would it also be safe to assume the Mei, Dva, and Reaper changes are going live then too?


And the Mercy ult lines for April 10th? :slight_smile:

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the entire ptr update is going live april 10th.


Is it still 2 slots ? Or did you increase them ? and did you give us an option to permenantly avoid someone instead of having them un-avoided after a week ?

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We honestly need more than 2 slots


ofc, would be insane to release Reaper event with old reaper

But, why? Sombra changes took less than a week, with no PTR; who’d use “Avoid a Player” on a test server where nothing matters?


When does Symmetra get fixed Lazy Jeff?

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Why do these demanding topics get Blizzard responses? I’ll never understand. I wanted to say something a bit harsher than just demanding but I am afraid of getting banned on these forums. Doesn’t take much.


They already said they are still brainstorming on that

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Aha! I knew the huge filesize had something to do with the event >:3

That means new voice lines in around then, too! Nice :slight_smile:

It doesn’t really matter when the feature goes live, as it’s going to be useless in it’s current form.

  1. 2 slots is not enough, as from 11 other players, there’s usually one or two you don’t wanna get in your team due to zero game sense or throwing. Say I do 70 games per season. How many slots is that? Apart from Masters and up, I see no excuse as to the 2 slots limiationt.

  2. A week time limit is plain stupid. You seem to believe, that people change their ways from one week to the next. They really, really don’t. Avoid as Teammate should last an entire Season.

This implementation is nothing more than a PT stunt, but in reality it wont do anything…


My god.

I swear, the dev team could mail each player a crisp new $100 bill and there would be people complaining that the serial number on the bill is a prime number or some such nonsense


I’m complaining that jerk topics get Blizz responses and nice, seemingly well thought out topics get completely ignored all the time.


Seriously. I can’t think of another game community as entitled and whiny as this one.


Hey Jeff I’m making a scatter arrow tribute video. How much time do I have left?

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When though! When?! 20 CHARACTERS

I would imagine that would go live. It seems like one of the more simple changes to do?