Getting disconnected (ethernet got unplugged) and not being able to rejoin

So One of my teammates got disconnected and we waited out the timer and then capped point. Since Im living on a college campus, the wifi went out temporarily and so I got disconnected from the game. I went to go rejoin thinking it was no big deal but it turns out it counted as one of my placement matches and I am unable to join. So now instead of being able to go 5-0 in placements I am forced with a loss that I couldn’t prevent and that I didn’t even intentionally do. Added to this I ended season 17 at 4402 and was 4441 in role queue beta (dps) and I had to wait OVER AN HOUR for this match, just to be disconnected with 0 hope of rejoining. What the actual **** blizzard.

Hey there, disconnections are unfortunate and feel like they are out of your control, but understand that penalties must apply to all technical malfunctions. This is because it is too easy to fake a technical issue in an effort to avoid certain matchups or leave without taking a loss. Since this sounds like a one-time issue, I would say there is no need to go deep into troubleshooting, but just make sure your equipment is fully working and test several games in a mode like Quick Play before trying to play Competitive again. You can learn about Blizzard’s policy about technical issues and how they affect Competitive Matches here:

I know about leaving penalties and I understand them, but when I tried to rejoin the game it just wouldn’t let me and that’s where I have the issue. I believe that it is some form of bug that wouldn’t allow me to since we all waited out the timer and waited for our teammate to return. And since he did return and it was a few minutes after he had been back into the match that I was disconnected I believe that I should have been able to rejoin the match.

Did you get disconnected within the first minute of the match? If so, you can’t rejoin, the match is completely canceled with only you getting a loss and a suspension/ban.

no it was about 12 minutes into the game

Yeah I think the issue is that one teammate already left before you, so it didn’t restart the timer but directly gave you a loss.

The timer had ended (he joined back after it ended) so I think the bug is that the game still registered that we could leave without penalty and so when I got disconnected I couldn’t rejoin.