Getting disconnected and losing sr

Nearly every game I go into I get disconnected from the servers and it’s a 50/50 chance if I get the bad or good d/c. Good, I can just press rejoin the game after it fixes itself and its Algood. But the Bad d/c makes me have to log back in and I’m never fast enough to do so and I lose the 50 sr. This has only been happening since role queue was introduced. I wanna be able to play without the fear of this happening. I know of a couple of people who have had the same problem but not as serve as mine.

There are certain rules in place that work to protect players in a match from leavers and those who have technical issues. In a Competitive Match, the match will cancel right away if someone leaves during the pre-game or the first minute of the match.

If you are disconnecting frequently you have an obligation to avoid Competitive Play and work to troubleshoot the source of the disconnection. Remember sometimes you may disconnect from the game but not your internet, but this is not the game server’s fault. Instead, something between you and the game server is dropping and it is important to figure out why.

As always first check your equipment, doing these steps ensures everything on your end is in order:

As I said, it may not be necessarily you, but something between you and the game server. If you have completed those steps, please take the time to post and ask for assistance in the technical support forum and we can provide additional advanced troubleshooting steps such as a WinMTR Test.

For additional information on Blizzard’s policy on why disconnections and crashes count, please check Blizzard’s post here.

I have been in the same boat as you are. I got disconnected and I enter the game once again. But for some reason, even though the game has not ended yet, it still got canceled even after I joined back in.

On a side note, I have also been disconnected when I almost finished a comp match. It doesn’t matter if I’m winning or losing, but it was overtime and I got d/c which results me into losing 50 sr.

Also, it would be nice if a player didn’t lose their endorsement when they got d/c in qp. My endorsement has gone down several times because I got d/c, and it sucks because it’s not my fault to begin with.

I really hope all of these issues can be looked at.

That is intended. If you are absent at the end of a Competitive match regardless of the result, it counts as a loss and penalty. The only time a player can not get a penalty is if they disconnect (after the first minute of game time) but are able to return while the match is still being played within two minutes of the disconnection.

Disconnecting is still leaving (even if not intended), and will negatively count to your endorsement.