Getting banned even when rejoining

I was playing a competitive match and ill admit my connection isnt the best and i lost connection to the server, tried to rejoin but i couldnt so i killed the game, restarted it and rejoined the match. I still got banned for 2 hours. This isnt the first time its happened but why are you banning players even if they still rejoin? This is ridiculous Blizzard, if im rejoining the match i should not be banned. I understand that a 5v6 makes it harder for everyone on my team to win but i came back and made it a fair match once again. Most of the time when someone disconnects its likely going to result in a loss for their team (even if they do rejoin because of how heavily that affects gameplay especially if the disconnect happens at a crucial moment or mid-fight) and thats already bad enough, but now on top of this you’re going to ban me. Please fix Blizzard. With only decent internet connections its not even worth it for me to play at this point because if i disconnect i know ill get banned anyways. This is also counterintuitive because if i do end up trying to play more matches and i do disconnect why would i bother rejoining back? Win or lose ill still get penalized so i see no point in trying to join back into a game with a team that now has a disadvantage

You were outside of the game for certain period of time, leaving rest of the team as 5v6, so you are punished for that. They need to have system like that because without it, people would leave as they like or abuse it.

If you have this mentality, you should honestly not play comp at all. You are not joining back for yourself, you should do it for your team. This is team game.

I wonder what type of soyboy and socom/navy seal/marine veteran soldier and professional psychanalist at the same time you have to be to have it cool in this comp matches lol. Such diplomatic talent and mental resilience wasted Just to fiddle with crybaby strangers in a bad balanced pvp 6v6 moba fps.

Just stay cool, we are just playing video game my friend :slight_smile:

Muting chat helps a lot tho

The system is designed to ban players who do not have a good enough connection to play comp but feel entitled to do so anyway

Working as intended

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I honestly wish you just wouldn’t post. All of your opinions and declarations are objectively wrong. There are any number of ways to handle leavers that don’t leave the team at an unfair advantage.

  • Buffing the remaining players
  • Optional backfill (would subsequently reduce queue times)
  • Mitigating losses for the remaining team members
  • etc or any combination

And before you go all big brain 400 IQ on me, let me elaborate how you can set up some of these options without room for exploitation. Firstly, if you’re queued with someone who leaves, none of these benefits would apply except backfill.

Buffing: When someone disconnects, after 30 seconds or so (so someone can’t die, disconnect, and rejoin to exploit), the remaining members will receive a temporary buff that lasts until the team is full again to put them on even field with uneven numbers. Again, this wouldn’t apply to someone who is queued with the leaver.

Backfill: When someone disconnects, all players on that team have a popup (Press U for backfill etc) that pulls someone from the backfill queue (which would be an optional toggle in settings) into the match. The backfill player will receive a slightly higher reward for winning and a slightly lower loss for losing to compensate backfill roulette.

SR Mitigation: Reduce the amount of SR lost by remaining team members based on total game length, and how much of it was spent not having a full team. This would not only help keep SR balanced, but would encourage players to stick it out until the bitter end.

Lastly… Additional SR penalties for leavers is just unintelligent. It just punishes everyone by throwing SR balance off. Someone is not suddenly lesser skilled because they DC’d from a match. Instead, impose a standard loss and a 30 minute lockout from comp, in which those 30 minutes have to be spent in another game mode. Can’t just leave and wait out your suspension, gotta work to get back in comp. This would discourage leavers and encourage people with unstable connections to verify their networks before jumping back into comp.

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I love when anyone having an opinion or perspective different from yours becomes ‘objectively wrong’

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you left for more than 2 minutes.

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You’re ignoring the main issue. The issue isn’t this person’s connection. It’s the stupid “rejoin match” button. You have to click it like 100 damn times for it to do anything.

The concepts are not mutually exclusive. Both can be a problem.

Well you left your team at a 5v6 for a long time. You should definitely be punished. If you have poor internet connection you should not be putting your teammates in danger of losing a player mid game for at least over 2 minutes (2 minutes is the deadline btw)