Getting Banned and Losing SR


I recently got banned for 30 minutes and lost 40 sr points due to a Bug that causes my overwatch to crash. The bug is “Rendering Device lost” and it is a well known bug amongst the community. I have no intention of joining Competitive matches and leave them so the point of the ban and loss of SR points is unfair in my opinion.
I have not found a fix that works for my case. I have tried many of the “fixes” people seem to have found online and on the forums, but thus no result. It still crashes my game after about 1-2 matches. I have checked my temperatures on my PC hardware and all are within normals of below ~70 Celsius.

I know I can’t get unbanned this fast and that’s ok, but I would like to have my SR points back since the issue that made me leave the competitive match was a BUG of the game not something I did on purpose.

Blizzard doesn’t ever give SR back.

And rendering device lost in itself is not a bug but a precaution measure to stop your entire system from crashing.

Also, Blizzard wants people with RTX graphics cards (if that is what you have) to only use the renaming method as a possible solution. If you use anything else you may end up causing damage to your PC system. Some solutions amount to making changes to how long the system is allowed to wait for a response from your graphics card but changing this could degrade the hardware much faster than it would otherwise. Not to mention that any other change than Blizzard mentioned could lead to their “solution” not working.

this is common bug, I experience it many many many times a week, looks a temp file bug as far as I searched
As it happens during some fights it prevents me from getting to competitive play (I don’t want to leave team in the fight and make them loose!)
also crashes pcs living huge temp files (one almost crashers one of my disks)
crash also happens in menu when left alone a certain time
I wrote some reports, no answers but a request for pc configuration then nothing !!!
looks Blizzard never read there (or don’t care)

Try to contact technical support to see if they can help fix you this issue. Btw, can you specify your graphic card specs and current driver ?

I personnally encountered this bug after a driver update, had to restore an old one and everything went back to normal.