Getting back into the game (new to pc)

The last time I seriously played overwatch was around when Brigitte came out and full stopped playing around when Wrecking Ball came out. My SR on console was around 1800-2100 if I recall correctly. I recently wanted to get back into the game so I got it for PC. So I’m looking for friends to play with, it’ll prob be mostly quickplay until I get more confident getting back into comp.

Msg me on discord: Sevoh#7878

Hey there, I literally just posted almost this same thing! Let me know if you’re down to play (although not today, but generally), i’m in the same boat. I’ll also try hitting you up on Discord.

I can also play on pc let me know whether you want to play together.

Im also around the same rank but I’ve been having trouble getting out of the elo trash Im in right now. Message me or hit me up if you want to play some time.

Hello Overwatch Gamers,

I’m consistently on and does quickplay quite often. It’s a good place to practice and get good at unfamiliar heroes, even at the one’s that you are trying to perfect. I have practice maps like aim trainer and 1v1 rein practice since I am a tank main. I’m interested in playing with ya’ll. Reply back to this tread and I will add you.