Get ready to predownload Overwatch 2 guys! (Started)

if you live on 3rd world yes not every country have super fast internet like your country

50gb took hours for me there may be even worse for other people

I ask this question and find the response in another post immediately. Huh thanks!

Well considering my internet is perfect to play but not for downloads, at least that 2 hours for us console players give me sometime to do it and luckily can play by the time the game is available.
The beta took me 3 hours to download :joy:didn’t work the ps5 version and had to download ps4 one then queue of 6000 people ahead, managed to play at 4am

I never even knew there was anything with that high of a refresh rate (360) till I saw the add from Nvidia. I know 240 has been around for a few years or so.

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Okay? And why do we care exactly? What am I missing? You can’t play it anyway until launch. Even if it’s delayed by two days, there’s still enough time to download it.

Hiya folks,

We’re currently experiencing a delay in the pre-download for existing PC players. Our current estimates are that the pre-download should be online within the next few hours. Our apologies for anyone this may have inconvenienced, and we’ll update this thread once the service is available.


thank you so much andy!

good to know its still today

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wonder how big the client will be. a bit bigger than the original game right?

50gb space needed according to spec requirements

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you can give us an update when is really ready mr craig? \o/

I see, I was worried something was wrong with my 'puter. Thanx for the update

Thanks Andy. I’d rather the pre-download be delayed for a few hours than the actual go-live on October 4 :slight_smile:

Understandable. We are essentially pre-downloading an entirely new game in terms of size, I’m not surprised there’s been a delay or two. But I’m sure we all appreciate the blue post explaining.

We’re Xbox scrubs, chum.


i work that day so it’ll suck getting up at 4am to not be able to play it xD

I took the day off work :smiley:

It releases at 6am local time, so yeah.

haha i wish i could xD

Lets go!!!

It’s still depressing thinking that this is the OW2 we were all so excited about years ago but hey, at least it’s finally here even if it does end up being awful

It says it should start the download automatically if you have automatic updates enabled. Guess I can just leave my bnet open then?