Genji needs to be nerfed


There is a downside. You use it carelessly you get punished. Same as Mccree flash, reaper wraith, mei cryo etc etc. Not sure why so many people are complaining about his kit when each roster character has a utility that’s unique to them in similar ways.


Tracer has the DPS to reliably deal with turrets before they chip her health down.

Genji on the other hand does not. Symmetra’s kill rooms still pose a massive threat to him if done correctly, and Torbs turret can be a good threat if not a nuisance to Genji, as it can mess up his dragonblades and protect the backline since it does enough damage to at least warrant Genji to retreat.


I see turrets as supposed to be more or less a distraction and something to use to flank. If you only use it to kill or extra dps you dont utilize it fully. Thats how I feel at least when I played torbjorn when the game came out. But people in this game for some reason already has issues to deal with turrets which is incredibly weird for me XD But as tank you are sort of locked to constant block the turret and keep your sides open which is how it works. If you turn as tank when you are supposed to shield the turret you will struggle and take constant damage. But then again you cant ignore the sides then must trust the healers. Its all scenarios and playstyle involved in this so as said earlier these are more or less opinions than anything. But looking at how turrets work and supposed to be played around and cause distractions we need ppl like genji sombra dva etc to sneak behind deal with it so we can get a better opening to deal with the enemy team etc.

But yeah, I get what you mean. But thats how I look upon turrets as tank and support main. Distract you so others can flank and an extension of you to attack from multiple sides. But you already have many counters to Genji, I dont see we need more counters to genji from builders :smiley: And yeah they are supposed to be, because flankers job is to flank and deal with annoyances in the back so the front line can push. Thats just how the game works and surely seem intended to work.

As torbjorn now what I tend to do is have turret take 1 side of a choke and I stand on opposite but I also try to find funny places to put my turret. Temple of anubis has so many good spots and cause so much issues and mayhem for attackers :smiley: But yeah, the turret dont work on all maps so characters like torbjorn is pretty niche.


Then go into Ranked and faceroll your way to Grandmaster with genku if he’s really as easy as you make it sound. “Genji is OP and EZ ppl just abuse his OPness and EZness” Go own on genji yourself and prove to me that it’s easy, oh that’s right you can’t because genji is not easy like you and OG post make it out to be. Cry me a river…


I really like the Torb rework because Gunslinger Engineer introduced late in TF2’s life was an absolute riot that I loved playing and Torb is now basically that. It’s great fun forcing a target to split their attention between two sources of damage and getting them in pincer strikes.


Exactly! Thats why the rework is so great. He does his job easier and dont need to constantly sit and slam on the turret haha.


If he’s so easy to play, then why you don’t him yourself? :thinking:


Oh, please…
I hate Genji and still believe that he’s fairly balanced. The only thing I’d do, is add more delay of half a second to his double jump, but that’s it.

If you are terrible at dueling him, then you just gotta practice more.


Genji Is as Much strong as your gamesense Is high or low.
To play It well, you must have a very good prediction aim (and he’s effective minimum from 5-15y with shurikens), and timing on the skill.
If attacking on a target using everything and you fail to kill, you’re quite dead. Target must die by having at least SS or deflect still available for an eventual escape.
Not easy in most situation. I main Genji but still dont have the Inner gamesense or enough prediction aim to easy kill everyone.
Some people may consider him Easy to play, but we all have a different gamestyle, mousegrabbing, reaction time.
Genji Is still strong, but only in the good hands.


This post in a nutshell


You obviously haven’t been around before his huge deflect nerf. Before his huge nerf, Genji would basically deflect any projectile aimed at him, even far from his hitbox. After his huge deflect nerf, an experienced Mccree would be able to stun him in the middle of his deflect animation if he aimed the flashbang a few distance away from his deflect animation hitbox. And what’s so hard about not firing projectiles for a few moments and wait for his deflect stops? Seriously? As a Genji main I have my fun when the enemy doesn’t even stop after I activate my deflect.

The wall climb point: what’s so hard about this ability you even pointed this out? He basically climb in a straight vertical line, doesn’t this make this movement easily predictable?

Excuse me, Dragonblade is by far one of the hardest ultimate in the game. Compared to Soldier 76’s Ult which is an aimbot (can be used from a distance away, from a safe spot) Messing up one of his swift strike and mistargeting will ruin the blade. Plus, you need to get into the middle of the fight to actually deal damage. Seeing Genji die during his ult isn’t rare, even in pro plays (if you actually follow Overwatch League I remember Unkoe’s Zen killing Profit’s Genji when Profit messed up his dash and ended up running toward him). Genji’s dash is very important to his kit since he could just dash through an opponent and let his teammate finished the dashed through enemy if hasn’t been killed yet, ready to target another enemy.

I don’t believe you complain about his primary fires. These projectiles travel in quite a slow speed and people could just dodge around these. Even Genji has to predict enemy’s movement since it’s a slow projectile.

Genji is meant to be mobile and dangerous, hence his kit. When his dash is in cooldown and he’s in dangerous territories, his deflect allows him to protect himself from incoming damage while running away to safety, since Genji is pretty much dead without his dash mobility.


Read your first sentence and realized your post was trash. Next.


Lmao I bet you are placed in low bronze where Hanzos would aim his Dragonstrike arrow in open space instead to a wall lmaooo


Genji’s kit is forgiving but not OP and it’s forgiving because Genji gets very little value unless he commits to his actions.

Or at least that what I tell myself to avoid going on “NERF GENJI!1!1!” rants.


LMFAO Junkrat can even spam his primary into a room and kill enemies he hasn’t even seen yet and you talking about my weaboo boi Genji lmao what a joke


Sure, try dashing through scattered enemies in a map without getting your dash reset lmao


this is the part where we throw our heads back and laugh


My point is, those champions can’t teamwipe alone with their ult. Junk might be, but if the team scatters he can only get one with riptire. Genji’s dash is huge, has a lot of movespeed and the attack range is 5 meters, he can wipe almost a whole team on a control point map like Nepal sanctum. He has too much upfront damage and mobility to be allowed to farm ult from such a safe range.


If Genji needs any nerf it’s falloff on his Shuriken.


Well Genji will always be one of the easiest hooks to hit :man_shrugging: