Genji is giga broken

nerf it lmao this character’s a joke


always has been (points gun at you)

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and so it begins


right click is just bs lol with this projectile size


That would be my only complaint about Genji. You can get destroyed by the right click > dash > melee combo from really far away compared to the past with the projectile size increase. It’s pretty silly.


Lol true

His fan of shurikens isnt even 3 distinct projectiles with space in between them anymore. Its just a wide cone attack and anything within 10m of him will be hit by all 3 shurikens

Genji stealing reapers job


Not a fan of ninja shotgun?


Just think its ironic genjis secondary fire has always been his best firing method. Like who even shoots primary anymore

Despite being called primary fire it’s anything but lol


I swapped the primary and secondary fire binds it improved my accuracy so much

I never agreed with the kit tbh. Shuriken should be a cooldown based ability and his primary should be his sword. Lean into what he is, a CQB assassin who relies on mobility and closing gaps to secure elims.


sounds like someone died to a genji


Well, Genji is broken atm


Id say hes a C tier pick. B on a good day.

A is really really stretching it, and S is just crying because you suck and cant kill a genji.

A genji with a good supporting team can be lethal, but very rarely do genjis get that.

Aside from all this dragonblade is barely an ultimate, and many a genji main would rather charge up to a rez than blade, as not only is its damage laughable for an ult, but the fact that every hero in the game has an escape from it is crazy.

Plus you can just kill him while hes ulting, its such a free kill the moment he pops blade, its a wonder that any support saves transcendance or valk for it at all.

C tier??? lmao maybe in bronze where even with the projectile size them bois are still missing but genji’s greatest strength is kinda like moira in that you never really die unless you get massively outplayed. he’s a tempo MONSTER that just can lurk in a fight forever and can hard bully characters forever until they’re dead or he gets outplayed.

problem with genjis is they still trying to play the old way of solo 1v1ing and trying to win duels. naw hes a clean up dude that can literally wait afk just watching and waiting for a squishy to get hit with an ability like fire strike, orisa jav, a dive, or sig rock or something and then dash in, fan, melee for an easy 120+ damage and if he doesn’t secure the kill can just deflect, wall climb out.


You’re extremely biased and it shows. He’s not C tier in the slightest in season 9. No reasonable person who has any idea of what they’re talking about would ever say this.


No, just no. Genji is easily in the top 3 dps right now, confirmed by GM pick rates as well as most medal ranks. He’s so easy to get value from now and still very forgiving with his deflect and mobility and still has one of the best ults in the game easily getting potg most of the time and is running rampant because his main counters (beam heroes) are weak right now.


genji is not broken, the game is broken

if anything you should be asking for tracer nerfs right now, she is a monster in the current meta


Genji is insanely broken right now, he’s in every match and he just deletes everything. I was enjoying season 9, but Genji is making it unplayable.


genji isn’t broken.
genji does well with dive and dva and ball are best tanks right now.
genji eats zen’s for breakfast which is one of the strongest supports right now
genji also PAIRS really well with zen, orb, and focusing discorded targets
genji is honestly easier to play than sombra and tracer who the other two characters that can help counter/slowdown the amount of hitscan dps that are doing really well right now.
genji blade is practically a free kill button since the 250 hp era since he doesn’t seem to get one tapped anymore just pulling blade out and pairs really well with kiriko rush.

also genji really pairs with ALOT of the supports that are played:
zen, lucio, mercy, kiriko all pair well with genji.
less brigs, less baps, less life weavers, less illari and genji is a happy camper. less anas effected genji a bit less than usual since he’s now 250hp and doesn’t insta-blowup.
genji’s main problem now is moira, zarya, and winston which alot of players just dont seem to like playing.
beam dps characters are also really bad right now.

I think genji is the biggest benefactor in this patch against the hitscanapocalypse but its the context around it that makes genji good right now not his individual stats or anything like that.

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The best proof the cyborg ninja being overtuned right now is not the character itself but it’s hard counter torbjorn is nerfed to oblivion.