General Competitive Question

So I got DC’d in he middle of a competitive game, then was able to rejoin in the middle. We still won the game and I lost SR. Apologies for being a newbie but why? I still had great stats and my team still won in overwhelming fashion. Did I do something wrong or does the ranked system punish people for something they cant help. Not looking for a debate, just wondering the logic.

oh that’s unlucky im sorry
i think it gives you a SR penalty when you fail to reconnect within 2mins iirc

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You were punished for not being in match longer than 2 minutes.

I think 2 min is generous. I was wondering why my sr didn’t drop the other day during my disconnect.

2 min is two team fights. that is usually a game throw unless your team hard carried without you

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As everyone has mentioned, you will be automatically penalized if you fail to return within 2 minutes of leaving or disconnecting from a match. This rule is in place because of how impactful being gone from a match is and to ensure deliberate leavers do not attempt to sneak back in when they predict the end of a match in order to avoid leaver penalties.

Additional details of this policy can be found here:

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As a fun fact during season 1, the time allowed was only a minute. Some connection issues are often quickly resolved by closing down the game client and rebooting it, however, this process often takes more than a minute. So the time allowed to be absent was extended to 2 minutes at the start of season 2.

I remember once i forgot about food order and had to run down the stairs to outside of house to get it, then running back up, falling on hallway but i joined back into comp in time lol :rofl:

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I’d just shout out the window, i’m duelling a Tracer just leave it outside!