Game update stuck at 99%

I am on windows 10. The game is fine for a long time. But last patch, my game update stuck at 99%. It shows 266.24kb remaining and then complains about internet connection. I followed the trouble shooting faq. clean the cache, check service, turn off firewall and security software, uninstall and reinstall the installer and the game, … etc. I also tried my cell phone hotspot still the same thing. It still stuck at the same position.

In the meanwhile hearthstone updates and plays fine.

What should I do?

Try clearing the BattleNet app launcher cache files:

Thx for the reply. I tried and the problem persisted …

I have been experiencing this same problem. What is the way to fix this?

Uninstall it all completely, then re-install

Hey there,

The original post is over 4 months old. While you are welcome to try any troubleshooting contained within it, whatever caused the original poster’s issue is unlikely to be the same thing causing yours. It is best to always look for current posts on an issue you are experiencing and if you do not find one, to create a new post. Try the steps mentioned in the original reply, if those do not help create a new post with the details of what you are seeing, any error codes.

It would also be good to review this post to help you gather information that will help the community assist with additional potential troubleshooting:

I will be closing this older post out.