Game running extremely bad


I used to be able to play this game in ultra settings with no problem for a very long time. The last few times I have tried to play it has been very choppy. I tried the GUIDE: Maximizing System Performance for Overwatch (PC) with no luck. Everything is on the lowest settings and still is very choppy. Does anyone have any ideas? I’m very confused.


Fresh Overwatch or system installation will do the trick most of the time.


This game has thrown me a few curves on it for performance issues. I’ve ran this game on the following hardware in the SAME day with an equally CLONED hard drive.

Graphics and BIOS settings:
Shader Cache : OFF (Fixed some issues)
V-sync OFF
Power setting: Maximum performance
intel Speedstep enabled


  • ASRock Z170 K4
  • 8GB Corsair Vegence ram @ 2400mhz
  • 1 TB WD Black Edition
  • 750w EVGA G3 power supply
  • GTX 1060 FTW
  • i5-7600k
  • 144HZ LG gaming monitor

THEN I swapped the components around with the following parts and combinations.

Variables changed

  • ASRock Z370 SLI
  • Intel i5-9600k
  • the NEW, Nvidia RTX 2060

Want to know something. This game’s performance IS just outright AWFUL. It didn’t matter what a person did. This game is just OUTRIGHT BAD for optimization. “Triple A” titles such as Tom Clancy Ghost Reacon Wildlands, play significantly BETTER than this game. Even on the LATEST hardware combinations.

The problem is, this game is “clunky”, and I mean REALLY clunky. TF2 was kinda close to that because it had SLI issues, but this game. I mean we are talking some serious issues.

I have a relative whom works for the N.I.S.T. LAB and I thought about asking them if they had some free time to help me settup a few experiments with this game to see just how INACCURATE it really IS. I mean if this game is supposed to be “E sports” grade, they NEED to set some standards here on consistency. Not to rip on the programmers, but man it NEEDS an overhual. If not they need to inform players WHAT hardware they are testing this game on, so we can all run out and buy that hardware. :thinking:

Again, ZERO offense to anyone that programs here on the team. It’s difficult to pull ideas OUT of literal thin-air and build something from scratch, but people have been using pre-made game engines that have had significantly MORE time in a de-bugging trial


Check CPU and GPU temps, try reinstalling Windows


I used to have 10 apps open and the game would still run easily with around 200 FPS. Nowadays, about a month or so, I have to close all the big tabs otherwise the ping will drop down to less than 100. And no, My computer’s fine. Something happened with the game itself.


I’ve been down this road with this game in the past. The performance problems started occuring again during the October patch from the first week. Something with memory corrupution is happening again in this game. how it handles the Memory (RAM) registers is forcing players to mess around with XMP profile and HPET timers to see what issues they can resolve. January’s patch literally broke the game.

I dont know what they honestly do to the game’s engine each patch, or why it breaks either. BUT LOL. Trust me, GPU temps are not the issue here. I’ve got a FLUID cooling system by Koolance that handles my CPU and GPU. With a D5 pump and yes, its got coolant flowing through it :wink:


Are you playing in fullscreen or windowed fullscreen? Windowed fullscreen can sometimes cause fps drops and stutters.


Yeah Windows updates have broken my system couple times too- reinstalling does the trick for me