Game mode: hero escape

OK, i create game mode Hero Escape.

You can find Bastion Escape, in this mode can play max 6 people and there is max 6 bastion.

In my mode can play 12 people. You have to get to the point with all of 11 random generated heroes. There are 3 type of bad orbs that you have to avoid.
RED does damage (u can block it with a barrier)(depend on hero)
BLUE slows down and hurt a lite bit.
GREEN set random status (for now random decrise health or speed)


Please leave a comment and opinion about that mode.
(03.12.2019 - 22:20 i start a game in workshop, please join and have fun)


Gameplay/User Perspective:

  • Great mode! It’s quite interesting and a unique take on a classic mode.
  • There are some minor errors in the description but still understandable.
  • I would like to have a reset feature (Interact to respawn) in case I’m too low on health or I’ve been debuffed too many times.

Workshop Perspective:

  • Good job using the variable naming features! Great consistency in name convention too!
  • Good catch for the health debuff so someone can’t die
  • I noticed code for numbani and map change ring but the map is disabled. Is this a bug or was it incomplete?
  • Great job planning on adding more maps rather than static code

Thanks for sharing, and I hope I see more from you!
p.s. remember to upload to elohell too :wink:

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ty for response. (sorry 4 late, i had hard time in work)

i try to created code that is not map depending.
and yes, in my new version i add numbani (it’s harder) :smile:
u can add what ever map u want, just set the coordinate, that’s all.
(and i created code to easy map set) (not published “yet”)

and i thinking of adding different debuff (green orb)

  • i want to change some stuff, but i need to learn more to do it.



  • Add numbani
  • Add possibility to map change


  • Sometime happen to not initialize hero variable
  • Hamster in ball mode sometime don’t interact with turrets

Perhaps the green orb, or perhaps yellow orb if you want to add it should:

Distort or disrupt vision
Distort throttle direction (like a minimum of % forwards or backwards)
Distort aiming/sensitivity
Increaced/decreased, or wonky and randomized gravity (I haven’t seen the gameplay yet)
Increase dmg received

Increased flinch from dmg, may be hard to implement but is interesting
Orbs ramp up in dmg when close to them for too long
Orbs pull you in from dmg

Standing still or going slowly could regenerate health, or give temporary dmg resistance.
Every (Time Unit), the game should check the distance between the position you were in at (Time unit) ago, and your current position. If your position is more than (Distance) away, you could get a reward for going fast, like dmg resistance or going even faster.

sounds fun but it is a lot of coding, perhaps in new version.

I didn’t mean all of it.