Game making me lose sr

I have lost so many sr points from my account, due to the game not my internet or anything. Is there any anyway i can reclaim my hard earned points?

You can win more games.


Heeyyyy!! We agree on something!!


Everything in this game is against you: Your team, your enemy, the servers, the matchmaker. Everything.


You win SR because of the game and you lose it, sounds normal.

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I would change your player Icon. You’re experiencing the happy squid curse.

What do you mean by this? Are you crashing or disconnecting? Remember you can disconnect from the game but not your general internet disconnection if there is a problem between you and the game server.

Penalites cannot be reversed and skill rating cannot be reimbursed. Details in this thread here:


In OW i realized one think…one can never win enough how much leavers can join your team…

And the player skill+mindset :slight_smile:

Well as soon as my queue finished it said it was applying update for around a minute then it disconnected me this also happend to my friend at the same time (I’m pretty sure it said hf5 error)
And I lost 70 sr

This will stop your crashing

There is a huge issue right now with an error bug after trying to load into experimental that is kicking people out of comp game before it has started why has this not been fixed

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Yeah i already fixed it thank you for the help tho