Game keeps crashing

I recently built a pc and everything except overwatch seems to be running correctly. Within about a minute of opening and running overwatch and I get an error message (the application encountered an unexpected error) with a report ID. (974A6228-FE8D-42D4-A8AB-5EAD85B3B087). I have all my drivers up to date, and my Windows is fully updated. I’ve tried nearly everything suggested on the internet to fix this and all of it is stuff I’ve already done or did, and then I had no results with. If anyone can help or offer suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Please don’t create duplicate posts for the same issue. It makes it difficult for people to help you and track replies.

I mentioned this in the other thread, but players/MVPs on the forums cannot read that error code for you. The staff reads many threads, but they don’t read them all – plus it’s way after office hours for them. If you only wish to work with the staff you’ll want to use the ticket system and wait for a response there.

Otherwise, I’m happy to help in your original thread if you provide the DxDiag report. All new posts in the technical support forum should include a DxDiag for troubleshooting, as mentioned here: Common Technical Issues and Solutions - #30 by Drakuloth